Weight Loss

Before Pic – 2007 – I’m the second one in from the right. Notice the very stylish overalls!


Yes, there is life after losing 46 pounds! Life certainly does not stop after reaching your goal weight. Maintenance certainly brings its own challenges to the lifetime member! As I reflected on my weight loss journey I was trying to figure out a way to keep myself motivated. In January 2010 I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia, which is the movie that chronicles both the life of Julia Childs and a young woman who cooked her way through Julia Child’s, The Joy of Cooking, cookbook and blogged about it. I began to think about creating my own blog. I knew I didn’t want to cook my way through all the recipes in Julia’s book because I knew I wouldn’t want to cook “regular” or “full-fat” recipes. What could I blog about, I wondered. My first thought was to cook my way through a Weight Watcher’s cookbook and blog about that. I rejected that idea, however, realizing that it might not be realistic for me to actually DO all of that and there might be a lot of wasted food involved. Then I thought about the idea to focus my blog on chronicling my weight management journey. Hence – the first version of my “Life After Losing: Third Time’s the Charm” blog was born on January 25, 2010! (You can check out the older blog entries in the archives).

So after the blog was up and running I was glad I had an outlet to share my reflections, thoughts and experiences on my life “post-losing” weight. However, I still felt called to do more. I had not written much, or really anything, about the actual year I lost the weight. That was the missing piece! This is how the idea for my book, “Losing to Gain” was born.

I have published it on a self publishing site called lulu.com and it is actually available for download and purchase for under $20! The format includes chapters that cover each month with highlights of the month, lessons learned, weight loss tracking logs and activity logs. I have included some excerpts here in case you are interested in previewing it!