>A dog with selective hearing??!!

>Tonight I made one of our faves – fish and chips. It is actually tilapia that I marinated in a hawaiian marinade by Lowery’s I think. To make the chips I sliced two Idaho potatoes very thin, lay them on a sprayed cookie sheet and sprinkle them with salt and some “essence”. I bake them in a 350-400 oven for like 20 minutes and then flip them. They get really crunchy and have a kick that we all like. We usually have green beans with this meal, but I decided to switch it up tonight with asparagus – yummy!

Did I mention that this meal is usually our fave in the summertime? – when we can grill it? Cooking fish in the winter has meant using the broiler which for our family has proven to be problematic. Somehow I always seem to set off the smoke alarm when I use the broiler. Now, I have to stop here and assure you that this is NOT because I have burned said meal. At least, not usually. For some reason the smoke detector is extremely sensitive to any type of smoke (go figure) and tonight, as per usual it went off intermittently for like 15 minutes. Here is the humor in the story. We have an older dog who is quite deaf – except when it comes to the dreaded smoke detector. As soon as that thing goes off and before I can even grab the nearest magazine to make it stop, he is panting like it is his job and looking for shelter. Tonight he jumped in Mike’s lap and was trembling. Give me a break. Finally, he headed downstairs to the basement for cover and has not reappeared since (dinner was an hour ago). So, spring can come quickly for the Ramsey homestead so we can bust out the grill again. Or maybe just get the dog (or me) a script for prozac.

>Pretty good for a “non-techy”!

>Wow! This is pretty easy! Welcome to my blog! I’m not a techy at all and I’m kinda impressed that I figured out how to do this myself – thought my husband would have to do it for me – ha, ha! Not sure where to begin – only that I hope this blog is a win-win. I hope it helps me stay on track for the next year and keep this weight off for good and I also hope it can help someone else. Perhaps there is a little “nugget” that I can share that can inspire you or give you a new idea to try or a little extra motivation to begin your own weight loss journey.

This blog will probably be a combination of cooking adventures with new recipes that actually work, are healthy and taste good, and my running experiences…stories about both…but we’ll just see how it goes. I’m to how the spirit moves me. Let’s get moving, shall we!!