Great New Year’s Eve Race 2021

December 31, 2021 – Today was my 11th running of this race at Stow High School. 2019 was my 10th, but last year it didn’t happen due to Covid. It was great weather today – cloudy with about 50 degrees! My choice of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt was perfect! I planned it out to where I got there just in time to walk through the building (masked) to get to the start. I took my mask off after we got started and the crowd thinned out and then put it back on to get some individual snacks afterwards. No soup this year! Normally the signature giveaway after the race is nice, hot vegetable soup, but not this year Covid, of course!

I felt pretty good and it was the first race with my new watch. I set all kinds of records for myself (ha, ha!). My official race time (my watch read a bit different) was 35:45 and I came in 249 out of 362. The exciting part was that I came in the top half of my division age group at 7 out of 17 – not too shabby. My watch said 35:06 with an 11:06/mile pace. I’m okay with that! I walked the giant hill again this year. One of these days I’ll run the whole thing!

Ready to go!

Giveaway this year was a “t-shirt” which was a pleasant surprise!