Quarantine Diaries – Day 1

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Well, it has happened. One of the Ramsey fam has tested positive for Covid-19. Zachary’s test came back positive yesterday morning. We have been so careful and have done everything right, but still this virus has invaded our home nonetheless. Thankfully so far Zach has minor symptoms to date – low-grade fever, congestion, headache, just feeling icky and now loss of taste and smell. Zach’s instructions from the doctor are to isolate/quarantine for 10 days as that is his contagious period. Mike and I as close contacts are to quarantine for 14 days starting yesterday. So far Mike and I are feeling good. Fortunately, we have food in the fridge and freezer and feel adequately prepared to hunker down and get through this.

I’m feeling hopeful (and praying) that we will all get through this with mild health consequences. The timing for this is good, as good as it can be, I guess. Zach just finished his finals. Mike just finished his current project and is does not have another one starting until after the new year. I can continue to work from home next week and have a week of vacation coming up the week of Dec 14. We have everything we need here. Truth be told I really wouldn’t be going anywhere even if we weren’t in quarantine. For me the tricky thing is the can’t go anywhere thing that gets to me. It is a whole other thing when it is my decision. Of course the backdrop of fear is always present. All the “what ifs” and unknowns keep plaguing at me, especially at 2am. But through all of this I remain hopeful and know that we will take things as they come and we WILL get through this – relying on God and each other.

This situation puts a poignant spin on advent. The season of watching and waiting is definitely upon us in a new way this year. I created an Advent calendar gift for family with readings through Dec 24 and I also made one for myself. This was a fortuitous decision as I think I will be benefiting from these readings this year!

In true Lisa fashion I decided to blog about this experience, including the good, bad and ugly. I think if nothing else this will be interesting to look back on in the future. Thanks for reading friends. I hope you and yours are happy and healthy!