Shamrock 15K and 5K

Sun, March 6

This was a fun and actually new race for me! they offer a 15K and a 5K. Since I’m only up to 6 miles on this training schedule I figured I would just do the 5K this time. I’m not sure why I’ve never done it, but it is another race sponsored by the Summit Athletic Running Club (SARC), of which I’m a member so it makes sense for me to run it! It was pretty big and busy with crazy parking – similar to the Great New Year’s Eve Race in terms of people – about 350. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day themed there was tons of green and tons of other related garb. I ran into friends, Alise and Chris, which was fun. Chris was doing the 15K so he started 5 minutes before us. Alise and I started out together, but then she took off (hey, she is more than 20 years younger than me!!).

Ready to start!

Very cool bagpipper to start us off!

National Anthem before the start

I felt really good throughout the race. It was about 34 degrees and I wore tights, two long-sleeved shirts, earband, and gloves. The route was pretty flat except for a pretty decent hill at the end, but I mastered it! For this race I did the “passing game” in my head and it worked! I set my sights on a runner at the same pace or a little bit ahead of me and aim to pass him/her. I first saw the 3 green tutus and passed them. Next, were the 3 green sweatshirts and I passed them. Then towards the end I set my sights on pink hat and finally I passed her. It is fun to do that. I find that it helps to set my goal like that rather than with my watch.

Overall Time – 31:56; 10:17/mile; 197/349
Age group – 16/31 – right in the middle! BTW – of the 46 year olds, 6 were behind me and only 1 was ahead of me. I’ll take that!

I guess I had the luck of the Irish with me!


Shamrock Swag!