Great New Years Eve Race 2014

Dec 31, 2014

Well today was the 5th anniversary of my running in the Great New Year’s Eve Race 5K – the last race of the year! It was at that first one in 2010, very early in my running career, that I ran into an old high school friend, Stephen Trier at the race. This was before I had run any distance beyond 3 miles and it was fun to hear Stephen talk about his experiences with marathons. Little did I know that the following September I would run my very own first marathon…and that he would appear around mile 21 to cheer me on. But that is another story for another day. (BTW – It is actually already written under the “Me and My Kicks on Route to 26” category on this blog!) But I digress.

So 5 years later it only makes sense that I run into another old high school friend and fairly new runner today – Debbie!

Here we are in our pre-race selfie!


It was chilly and windy today during the race with temps of about 26 degrees. It was dry, however, and nice and sunny which helped – a bit! The crowd was a little more sparse than last year with only about 500 runners. Deb and I ran together for about the first mile which was fun! I ran pretty well – went out fast and then decided to walk a bit of the last hill which ate up some time. I was okay with my time, however: 32:43 or 10:32/mile. It was not my best, nor my worst. I placed 352/490 overall and 17/33 in my age-group.

This year they added a cool new award for the “every man” and “every woman”. They recognized both the woman and man with times right in the middle of the pack with an award, $100, and a free massage! Sadly, that wasn’t me, but kuddos to the Summit Athletic Running Club for adding an award for the non fasties!! It is always such a well organized and well-run race. Happy to be a part of it again this year and look forward to registering early for next year in order to get the sweet hoodie!!

Silly faces!


Jingle Bell Run 2014

Sunday, Dec 14

Well, we had another great experience today at Jingle Bell Run 2014. It was our third year doing the run, but the second appearance for the Ram Fam. Our team was small, but mighty this year (16 people) compared to 37 last year. Last year was different, however, since Zach was the child honoree. But this year, how could we miss starting out the morning like this?!



Legacy Village was decked out for the holidays with ice sculptures all around the green space. It was really beautiful! Here was just one of them…


It was a balmy 39 degrees this year! That was leagues warmer than last year’s 17 degrees! Here were some candid shots that the professional photographers grabbed before the race:

Mike and Zach playing the waiting game…

Lisa and the ‘rents hanging out…

Zach and the g-rents. Grandpa had to be a cheerleader this year because of his bad cold.

The Original Ram Fam

What do you do when you are waiting at the start line? Selfies, of course!!



And we are off! Look for the orange shorts and blue shirt and you’ll find the Ram Fam!


Zach and I ran/walked the course together. During our walking segments he kept saying, “you must hate this!”, but I kept reassuring him that I just wanted to do the race with him and I wasn’t worried about time for this race.

One by one, the Ram Fam came roaring into the finish line!

Marilyn was first, of course!

Yay, MaryAnn!

After being together the entire race, Zach jets ahead at the finish without me!

Here I come in my red glory…

Mike grabbed a PR today! Little did we know later this day he would come down with this nasty virus!

It is a 3-some for the Ram Fam! Angie, Adam and Gail

Yeah, Grandma!


It is all about the smile!! Makes my heart glad!

Post-race pics



Marilyn placed second in her age-group. Holla!!

Ram Fam 2014!

See you next year!