Conquer Columbus – Week 5

July 6, 2014

I’m feeling much better this week with my gluten free/wheat free diet! It has not been difficult really at all and I don’t feel as hungry and or “hangry” as before when I was eating wheat. I don’t have cravings for things and overall feel comfortable gliding through the day and through meals as they come. We have experimented a little with recipes – we struck out with bread made from mostly almond flour – too sweet and smelled like crab! But, we did hit a home run with a gluten free pizza crust recipe! We will just keep trying different things so we can expand our gluten free horizons.

Here is my summary of the week’s training:
Monday – Ran 45 minutes at lunch – 4.06 miles
Tuesday – 60 minute Power Yoga at lunch
Wednesday – Ran 50 minutes at lunch – 4.3 miles
Thursday – 60 minute Power Yoga at lunch
Friday – 4th of July – rested
Saturday – Long run of 5 miles ONLY!! (Supposed to be 8 on my training program)
Sunday – Rest day

I’m feeling VERY unmotivated about my marathon training. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I’m behind on my long runs and not sure what to do going forward. These are my options at this point as I see it:

1. Drop down to the half race (not sure if I can even do that)
2. Shift to a run/walk program and still do the 26.2 (not a huge fan of this)
3. Buckle down, find some motivation somewhere and tweak my program so I can still run the 26.2

I got some good feedback from my runner forum on facebook on my options, but I’m still not sure what to do. I don’t like to give-up so a big part of me wants to just DO IT, but I have to dig deep and find a reason. One run at a time, but there has to be a plan. So much of this is mental preparation. Still thinking…

Conquer Columbus – Week 4

This week’s training summary:
Mon – Ran 45 minutes on the treadmill in the morning. I was out of town for a conference.
Tues – 60 minutes of yoga in my room before the conference began.
Wed – Ran 50 minutes outside in Ann Arbor with a new friend! Fun running a bit of the University of Michigan’s campus.
Thurs – Scheduled rest day on training plan
Fri – Ran 3 miles outside at lunch. Tough – muggy!
Sat – Rest (feeling eh with starting my “no wheat” plan)
Sun – 2 mile walk with the fam. First official day with no wheat. Feeling a bit headachy and tired.