Laps for Laura – Week 7

March 30, 2014

Felt like a pretty good week this week even though I was still lacking on yoga time. I really do miss it and need to commit to practicing at home when I can’t get to the studio. This week my son was on spring break and my husband was out of town midweek so I took the day off Wednesday to spend the day with him. I still got a great run in that morning so it worked out well!! We had a blast at the trampoline gym so got some unplanned “crosstraining” time in there!! The real highlight of the week was spending the weekend with my college roommate and her hubby. We visited them in Pittsburgh and had such a great time reminiscing, and getting caught up with lots of laughter. We were totally spoiled with wonderful home-cooked breakfasts (the hashbrowns were amazing) and homemade cinnamon rolls!! Such a treat!! Needless to say this week’s food was on the rich side, but so delish!! Need to tone it done a bit this week and get back to basics. Got only 3 runs in this week, but got the long one in today even after being up late the last couple of nights!! Feels good. Ready for another awesome week – getting closer to spring, I hope!!!

This week’s summary:
Monday – rest day
Tuesday – Ran 40 min on the tread at lunch
Wednesday – Ran 47 min on the tread in the am before my day out with my dude; Trampoline “crosstraining”
Thursday – 6am yoga – 60 min
Friday – Rest day – Went to Pittsburgh Science Center and walked all over!
Saturday – Rest day – Went to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium
Sunday – Ran long run – 8 miles on the tread – watched a movie on the iPad and it made the run much better!!

Laps for Laura – Week 6

Back on track, people! 🙂

So, I started the week bummed because I was worried about my foot and feeling behind in my training schedule since I skipped my long run last week. But this week was much better! I got in to see my trigger point massage therapist and she worked miracles, as always on me! I had a successful long run today and feel much better about the upcoming week! I still need more yoga in my week so hopefully I can get to more 6am classes to round out my training. Plus, yoga is just so good in general – I so miss it when I don’t practice regularly. I have to remember too that I can do an at home practice – I was so good about doing it on vacation, but of course that is without the distraction of the dog, people, chores, etc…and plus I was either at the pool or at the beach!!! Really hard NOT to practice at those places!!!

So here is the summary of my week:
Mon – Ran 35 min at noon on the tread
Tues – Yoga (60 min) at noon
Wed – Ran 35 min at noon on the tread
Thurs – Rest day
Fri – Ran 35 min at noon on the tread
Sat – Ran 3 miles interval (run 2 min/walk 2 min) for 37 min with my hubby outside!!
Sun – Ran 6 miles (long run) on the treadmill (small incline for 4 miles at 5.7; then for the last mile increased pace by one level each 1/4 mile)

About 19 miles in total; 60 min of cross-training

Laps for Laura – Week 5

March 16, 2014

This week was a little rough. I didn’t feel quite right and then we also got hit with another winter storm. It is not hard to get in a funk with this ongoing winter this year! Plus, I have some sort of issue (I won’t say injury yet) with my right ankle/foot/heel. I can’t exactly tell what it is yet, but it even hurts during yoga! After consulting with my “challengers” on facebook (awesome group of runners who formed this wonderful and supportive online community), I decided to take a rest day today rather than run my 7. I am also going to contact my trigger point massage therapist to have her work on my foot. Hopefully I can get in this week. I’m just bummed – never had this issue before. I don’t want to get behind in my training, but I also don’t want to make this situation into an injury. One day at a time, right?!

Here is my summary from this week:
Mon – Rest day
Tues – Yoga at noon (60 min)
Wed – Ran 40 min on the treadmill
Thurs – Yoga at noon (60 min)
Fri – Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch
Sat – Yoga – 90 min
Sun – Rest day

Laps for Laura – Week 4

March 3 – March 9
This week went pretty well in spite of the fact that Mike was out of town. Thank God for lunch time workouts! I felt strong for most of my workouts and enjoyed one day running outside!! Hopefully those days will be increasing as we get closer to spring!

Here is the summary of my workout week:
Mon – 35 min on the treadmill at lunch
Tues – rest day – luncheon meeting
Wed – 40 min on the treadmill at lunch
Thurs – 60 minute yoga at lunch
Fri – 32 minute run outside at lunch
Sat – 90 minute yoga
Sun – 6 miles on treadmill

Looking forward to a new week with more yoga!!

Laps for Laura – Week 3

Another week in the books! I’m really tired tonight so I’ll keep this short and sweet:

Monday – Rest day – travel day back from St. Louis to Cleveland
Tuesday – Cross train – 6am Yoga; Run 35 min at noon on tread
Wednesday – Run 35 min at noon on tread
Thursday – Cross train – yoga at noon
Friday – rest day (supposed to run but was not feelin’ it)
Saturday – cross train – 90 minute power yoga
Sunday – 5 mile long run on tread in the evening