I’ll Make You Run if You Make Me Run!

Wed, Aug 31
Ran 3 miles
Time: 31:35; Average Pace: 10’30”

I ran with a friend tonight which was just what I needed! I was supposed to do a Tempo A run tonight, but I’m not really diggin’ those runs. So, my friend and I had planned on Monday to run together today. But, when I got there I was totally not motivated. My friend wasn’t there so I thought I had escaped running tonight. Then she showed up! I said I really was unmotivated to go and she said, “I need to run”. Well, that was all I needed to hear. She is more of a trail runner, but I didn’t want to do the hills of Hudson springs. She said she didn’t mind what we did so I said we would run 30 minutes on the streets. It was a good run! It turns out that the first mile was under 10 minute -what do you know! Plus we ended up going up some good hills afterall. Bonus! She was a tad bit slower than me, but I was proud of her because she pushed through the hill with no walking. I might have pushed her to run faster, but she got me to actually GO tonight so we helped each other out. Good team!

Next up: lunch yoga

Dude Looks like a Yogi!

Wed, Aug 31
6am yoga at Yoga Lounge

Love, love, love this class! It is taught by a dude which at first I thought was going to be weird, but as it turns out, he rocks as an instructor! The pace of the class is really good. Plus I just feel like he knows his stuff – he speaks yogeese. Today he came over to adjust my pose. Now, this is typical of good instructors, but I have to admit I was a little self conscious about it today. I mean I’m sweaty as all get out and this man is touching my spine alignment! Yikes! It was fine. The other funny thing is that the dude likes his music. He doesn’t start off with music, but once we have a good flow going he puts it on…but he puts it on loud!!! It was so loud today that I misheard one of his instructions and ended up in the wrong warrior pose! Oops! Again, not a big deal. The cool statement I took from class today was, “It is all about the breath. If you aren’t paying attention to your breath in your yoga practice, then it is just calisthenics”.

Next up: running at football

Sentimental yoga

Tues, Aug 30
Yoga at lunch

Really good class. It was a little more crowded with students back, but not bad. I can always feel when it has been awhile since I’ve practiced (last Friday) and it feels so good. My arms are better, by the way. It must have been that crazy 8-limbed pose we tried on Friday. I would do it again, however!

I liked the music today. It wasn’t the yoga chants that we are used to, but just different stuff. For example, we heard a new one today during shavasana. It was John Mayer’s version of “Free Falling”. It was very cool and relaxing and it made me think of my hubby. He always liked that song (the Tom Petty version) because it reminded him of his skydiving experiences. All I could do was think of him and I started smiling and couldn’t stop. I was in this yoga relaxation sort of state and could just picture him skydiving and imagined what he must have felt – the incredible happiness in that moment. Even though I did not know him at that time in his life ,I felt like I sort of experienced it in my mind today during yoga. I know, this is getting really deep and weird, but it is my blog, so there you go. I felt happy imagining it, but also I just was gushing over with feelings of love for him right at that moment. And yes, I got tears in my eyes. It’s the yoga talking people, really.

Next up: run with a friend tomorrow at football

That run was legit!

Mon, Aug 29
Ran 52:25 minutes at football
Distance: 4.89 miles; Average Pace: 10’42”

What a terrific run! That felt really good tonight! And to think I was close to not going tonight. My strategy works, however – I get changed at work so I’m already in my clothes when I get to the field so I have no excuse. I did Hudson Springs tonight and actually rocked it! I really enjoyed it too. I ran all the hills with no walking – I haven’t done that for awhile so that felt good. Tonight was just perfect conditions for a great run – the weather was nice and cool, I had a great day at work so I was in a great mood, and my body felt really great. Another run that reminded me of why I started running in the first place. I saw tons of people on the trail. There were tons of girls of all ages running with adults scattered throughout them and I wondered if it was some sort of running group. The ages were all over the place and some looked really young (maybe under 5) so I knew it wasn’t any sort of cross county team. Come to find out one of the football dads confirmed that it was a girls running group – that builds self esteem. Holy cow, I have reading some about this group and I totally want to help with it!! So, I got the name of the woman who coordinates it. I hope I can get involved somehow. That would be such an awesome thing to be part of! It is calling my name!

You can take the girl outta the suburbs…

So when we were planning our “Cleveland Night Out” trips for the first-year students I naturally volunteered to take students to see a movie at Tower City. The goal of the night was to teach them how to use the RTA (public transportation system) and show them some cool things to do in the city. I could totally dig this. No driving involved, a cool movie and spending time with some new students. I’m in!

Well, knowing my luck things just cannot be that simple. It started with the RTA passes. I ordered them early this week (yes, sorta last minute), but the man assured me they would arrive on time. The order form was a little confusing, but I finally found the discounted “student” tickets and ordered 25 of the student two-way passes and one adult pass for me. The man I corresponded with knew I was ordering tickets for JCU students. When the box arrived on Thursday, I opened them up to find they said “K-12” tickets – “not for use by an adult”. Oh, crud. I called and emailed my contact to let him know what had happened and see if I could just pay the difference. He never contacted me so I figured we would just make do. After all, these students were in 12th grade three months ago, right?

So off we went: me, my GA and 6 first-year students. We survived the ride down to Tower City amidst a pretty loud and inebriated Indian’s Game crowd. I made a mental note to be sure to hit the bathroom to wash my hands when we got to the theater as I touched a few sticky unknown substances. Gotta love public transportation. I gave them each their rapid pass after we exited the train and we headed to the exit. In my haste making sure the students got passes and trying to weave my way through the obnoxious Tribe fans, I wasn’t paying attention to the pass I grabbed for myself. I slid it through the machine – the wrong way – twice, making enough commotion for the RTA official dude to come over and ask to see my ticket (gulp). I showed it to him and he immediately started interrogating me.

“How did you get a student ticket? Who sold that ticket to you?” He just kept firing questions at me without letting me explain. I eventually got out that I ordered them via fax from RTA because I thought they were for college students. Then he started telling me that he could give me a $200 ticket right now for trying to use a K-12 ticket. I asked him what I should do, as I was stuck at the turnstyle with my students all waiting on the other side just looking at me. Then another police dude (uniformed this time) came over and questioned me.

“How did you get a student ticket? I could give you a ticket right now for trying to use that ticket.” At this point I said again, “What would you like me to do?” I won’t write what I wanted to say to him at this point. I took a breath and calmly tried to explain one more time how I came to have the evil student tickets. As the man was finally listening to me, I realized that I had purchased one adult ticket for me. Duh. I reached in and showed it to him.

He looked at it and said, “Oh, yeah, that’ll work” as if this whole drama had never taken place. Phew – crisis averted. Glad that drama was over. No tickets this time – this is good given my track record!

The movie was good. We saw Columbiana and the students enjoyed it. So, we were off on our second trip on the RTA for the night…but not our last, as it turns out. The woman at the turnstyle said the trains were coming on the right and the green train would be there in 2 minutes. Great! About two minutes later the train pulled up and we got on. About two stops into the ride one of the students came up to me and said that another JCU student on the train said we were on the blue train and not the green. Uh oh. I confirmed this with a Tribe fan – yes, we were on the blue train!! Ugh. The good news was, we could just get off on Shaker Square and get on a green train heading back to Belvoir from there. Oh man, leave it to me to get students on the wrong train! Thankfully, we were able to catch the green at Shaker and the students got to see Shaker Square as an added bonus.

I have to say through the entire night the students had great humor and attitudes about everything. They took it in stride and just enjoyed the evening out about town. I’m not sure who learned more last night – the new students or the woman from the suburbs! Well, yeah, I’m pretty sure I know.

Another long run down!

Sun, Aug 28
Ran 10 miles:
Distance: 1:49:15; Average Pace: 10’55”

Good run this am! I started later than normal because I got in later from my trip with the students last night (that will be another blog entry of its own!). So I started at about 8:45am. It was nice and cool this am, however, with a nice breeze every now and then. I ran the whole way which felt good. I decided to stay around Hudson again, but I did a bunch of hills starting with big Bertha (up 91), then I ran through my parents’ neighborhood and then across the street all the way down HayMarket. It was one of those runs that I timed the distance perfectly and was literally at my driveway when it was done. So then I walked a bit, stretched and now I’m icing. Nothing hurts, but I’m just being preventative with my ankle. It can’t hurt, right? One weird thing is that both my forearms ache…it is really strange. It started last night. I’m not sure if it is from my Fri yoga class or what, but it almost feels like I lifted too much weight or something. I thought it would keep me awake last night, but it didn’t. I’ll try some ibuprofen today for it.

One really funny thing that happened during my run today was that about a mile in, guess who passed me? A former gym teacher who shall remain nameless, but who I may or may not have had a gigantic crush on when I was in school and who may or may not still be working in some fashion with the schools. I greeted him and chuckled at the irony of the situation. The last time I was running in the presence of this man in his fashionable “bike” gym shorts circa about 8th grade was…well, I’m not sure I ever did run! And if I did I was in sheer and utter misery. But today I just cruised on by with a cheery “hello”, with one mile down and 9 more to go. Life is certainly interesting. I wonder if he recognized me. You know how teachers have that weird thing where they seem to never forget your name? Well, some, at least. Anywho, I felt good running by him and holding my head high. Oh, and yes, he is still cute today and wears the years very well!!

Next up: More running and yoga this week and working up to the 20 next Saturday – wooohoo!!

Hangin’ with the youngins

Fri, Aug 26
Yoga at lunch

Okay, so I totally rocked this yoga class today! It was a great challenge and I just felt really strong throughout it. I finally tried wheel pose and I did it!

I just had to get over my fear and try it and “boop” I went right up! It reminded me of when I was a little girl in gymnastics and it felt good to do it again at age 42!

We then learned a new pose that was really cool. Amy called it 8-limbed pose. She rattled off the proper name for it, but I didn’t catch it – so I of course looked it up. It is called Astavakrasana in sanskrit which translates to eight angle pose and is also called eight crooked limbs pose – which is probably the most descriptive!

This link shows the final pose and the steps to get into it.

Now, I’m not saying I totally did it or looked remotely like this, but I did pretty well if I do say so myself to start! I definitely got farther than a lot of the women in the class (not that I’m competitive or comparing at all). It just feels good because a majority of the class was students today – all in their 20’s and then you have me! We actually had like the entire volleyball team in the class today. It just feels good that I can at least keep up with the young things a little bit! I’m probably in better shape now then I was when I was their age. Ha!

I’m supposed to run tonight – we’ll see. Then the long run will be on Sunday since tomorrow we are taking Nick back to school.

Foiled by Mother Nature!

Thurs, Aug 25
Yoga at 6pm at Yoga Lounge

At least that was the plan since I was busy during my normal lunch yoga class. Got the clothes out. Set the alarm. Done.

Then, it rained during the night. I was vaguely aware of the storm, but apparently it was a dozzie! I woke up with a start thinking I slept through my alarm. Well, I didn’t…because it didn’t go off because the power had gone off and my clock was just blinking 12:00 at me!! I stumbled into the bathroom to check the time on my watch…6:12. Shit. Guess I’m not going to yoga today afterall. I was just glad that I didn’t pay for the class the night before.

Actually I got some good cross training in afterall yesterday while I was painting porches and pulling weeds for the JCU service day. So, the day was not a total loss!!

Next up on Friday: yoga at lunch and running afterwork.

Just show up and do it

Wed, Aug 24
30 minute run
Distance: no idea; Pace: no idea

I did not go to yoga after all this morning. We had a thunderstorm so I woke up too early from that and wanted to sleep a bit and then it was the first day of school so I wanted to get bagels for our first-day-of-school breakfast.

But, I did run this afternoon. Yikes, it was hard. I would venture to say it was harder than my 18-miler which is so strange! The good thing was that my ankle was fine, but my chins were burning the entire time. After I stretched I was okay, so I’m not sure if I was just dehydrated or what, but it was a tough run. I ran at the track during football so it was like 6:30pm and really hot…not sure about the temp, but it was really muggy and humid. My iPod was being finicky so I did not have a way to track my distance or listen to music. Thankfully, my friend lent me her watch so I could at least keep track of 30 minutes. I thought I could easily count the number of times I ran around the track with 4 being a mile and get my distance that way. Well, that didn’t work out too well. I lost track so easily. I need one of those little clickers that the walkers use at lifecenter! No matter. I did what I came there to do and that is the most important thing.

Tomorrow is yoga and since I have a work conflict during my lunch yoga class I think I’ll go to the 6am class tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll run a bit at football, but we shall see.

Smoky Yoga

Tues, Aug 23
Yoga during lunch

Yoga felt so good today! I was a bit concerned about doing it with my tender ankle, but my ankle felt great all morning and no more limping! So, I was fine with doing it. It felt really great stretching and it was a good class, in spite of the fact that at the end of the class there was an overwhelming cigarette smoke odor from outside the back door that permeated all through the studio. Just want you want to smell when you do your ujjayi breathing is cigarette smoke. Gross! Oh well, hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

The ice really worked well last night on my ankle and the swelling went down a bit and as I said, no more limping. I iced again tonight, like I was told by my cyber coach! The plan tomorrow is to do the morning yoga class and then try a 30 minute easy run after work.