>Sensitivity Training

>Happily I was down 2.2 pounds at the scale this morning!! Granted, I still had to pay my $11 because I’m still more than two pounds above my goal, but who cares! The important part is that I’m moving in the right direction, as I had to remind the clerk this morning who rudely announced that I needed to pay BEFORE acknowledging that I was down. Now, I don’t need cartwheels, hoots and hollers, noisemakers, and flowers, from her, but come on…let’s lead with the fact that I’m going the right direction, rather than that I have to still pay, shall we??!! Most of the time I have had excellent experience with the staff at WW, but his morning I was disappointed. But hey, maybe she was just having an off day. We’ve all had those! So, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and see what happens when I’m down again next week!!!

>Thank you for the Music

>Sat, Feb 26
8:30am – ish – Ran the track at LifeCenter
Distance: 5 miles; Time: 51’57”; Pace: 10’22”

Good run this morning! I felt strong and it felt a little bit easier to run 5 miles this week than last week (my first time at that distance). And I think I was a bit faster today so that is always good, I suppose. I was trying to make a mental note about how I felt throughout the run.

Here’s the breakdown of today: I felt good and warmed up after the first mile. Then, by the half-way point I felt like I was flying. Between mile 3 and 4 was the hardest part – I really had to push it through. Probably partly because this has been my “go-to” distance for so long – 3 miles. Good thing I had my son’s crazy frog song version of “Cotton-Eyed Joe” as well as some Dixie Chicks (“Good-Bye Earl”) to propel me. Oh, and I can’t forget the 80’s throw-back, “Money For Nothing”, by Dire Straits. Those were all good motivators. I’m pleased with my new long run track I created last weekend. Then between 4 and 5 miles I felt like I was on autopilot. I told myself…just one more mile. I mean, it is just one more mile, right?? Just one more mile. Simple. Sound like a new mantra to me!

>The Gift of Today

>Fri, Feb 25
9am – Ran 30 minutes on the Indoor Track at LifeCenter
Distance – 2.95 miles; Pace – 10’13”
Racquetball and Basketball fun – about an hour

So today was a gift in a lot of ways. Hudson schools had a snow day (again) so Z was off and, miracle of miracles, John Carroll was actually closed!! Hallelujah, I still can’t believe it! I got home at about 10:30pm last night due to late events at work and so I didn’t get to bed until about midnight – way beyond by 10pm bedtime that I’ve come to enjoy (and need in order to get up at 5am). As I went to bed, getting up to run at 5am was not looking promising, especially with the snow in the forecast. But, like I said, I had a snow day! Ahhhh…I got up late (6:30am), had breakfast and coffee and for a hot minute thought of not running today. Relax, I said a hot minute. I quickly shook that off as I called LifeCenter to find out they were indeed open and were holding a racquetball court for me and the Z-man. After I finally convinced him that shorts and sweatpants were a much better option than wearing jeans to work out in, Zach grudgingly shut off the computer, shoved in a bowl of cereal and off we went.

I ran for my 30 minutes – Zach joined me for like a lap and a half. Then after “way too much stretching, Mom”, we finally hit the racquetball around for a bit, and then played some hoops. He had to teach me the proper way to shoot that he has learned in gym class and I was a quick study, apparently, as I held my own in our game of “Around the World.” It was so much fun! Not only did I insure that I was getting my workout in today, but I also had some physical fun with my dude. Much better than a morning filled with video games, me thinks. Oh, and I have to add that on our way out of LifeCenter the woman at the front desk made a point to tell me that Zach was a very polite little boy (asking for equipment, etc). Music to any Mom’s ears.

Our afternoon was lazy, but equally delightful. We picked up some Subway and headed over to spend lunch, and the afternoon as it turned out, with Grandma P. and little Brittany. We watched some lifetime movies, Z played Legos and yes, I even took a nap. Ahhh, what a good day. I hope yours was equally good!

>A Radical Goal

>John Carroll is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2011 so there are lots of celebrations going on during the year. One of the priests who is really into running has put a challenge out to the community to see if we can get 125 people to run the Cleveland marathon, 1/2 marathon or 10K on May 15. So, I’ve happily joined this group. We are getting jerseys and there is a small fund raising part too. It is a neat thing. The priest who is organizing this sends us weekly motivational things to keep us training and inspired to keep going. I just got one this morning and I was blown away by it and I just wanted to share it. The priest had asked this hard-core runner guy to write a little bit about his running journey and I’ll share part of it here…

He is currently a 54-year-old man, but he began his running journey on his 36th birthday feeling overweight. He decided to run 3 miles during lunch. He only made it for running for one mile and ran a 10:12 pace and then walked the other two. He continued running over the next three years during lunch for 3 miles and ended up losing 30 pounds. He started increasing his distance running with others for 4-6 miles outside. He ran his first marathon in Cleveland in 1999 and has run 52 others since. No, that is not a typo – I said fifty-two. Here are his current race totals: 53 marathons, 3-50K’s and 2-50 milers. Oh, in addition in 2008 and 2009 combined he ran a total of 20 marathons. OMG.

What makes this story so unbelievable in addition to the sheer number of miles this man has run, is that he doesn’t look at all like a “typical runner”. He is a little stocky and you would never guess just by looking at him that he is a hard core runner.

I never thought I would or could run a 5K and now I’m training for 1/2 marathon. Now, some of us will never run a marathon or maybe even a mile or maybe don’t even want to. But, my question is, what goal do you have that is just out of the realm of possibility for you? What is just so radical that would make you say right now, “no way, I could never do that”? Really think about it. Now, let me say to you…I double-dog-dare you…


>Thurs, Feb 24
5:30am – Bootcamp at LifeCenter

That was a great overall workout! I think Troy was happy we were all there this morning and made up a kick-butt workout for us. We did lots of different circuits featuring some of our faves…many, many push-ups (lost count)…back exercises and lots of circuits using the whole gym. Those are fun – bring on the lunges. I had to bust out a story during the two minute plank…ugh.

We did a fun new thing Troy made up called the “UNFIT”. It is sorta like the game “horse”. We had to do a certain exercise (five different ones) for like 60 seconds and if any of us couldn’t do it the entire time we would earn a letter. All of us had one bad one and each earned a “U”, but hey, not bad! If we would have gotten all the letters, we would have had to run. No, not that! It is a cross-training day! I earned my “U” during the plank hold. We were supposed to do a plank hold for 2 minutes…with no breaks. We usually do one minute at a time. I made it with like 20 second left. Next time I’ll get it!

>Going the distance!

>Wed, Feb 23
Approx 6am – Ran the track at LifeCenter
35 minutes; 3.44 miles; Pace: 10’13”

Today felt like a hard run. My legs were sore during my workout. Now, they are fine, but they felt sore during the run. I felt slow today too – probably because there was a really fast woman who kept passing me on the track. I started feeling badly about my speed, but then realized that I recognized her from a 5K in October, I think. She placed for her age group (I think first!). So, speed is all relative I suppose. I have to just remember that it is not about speed for me. It is about getting it done. Showing up and completing the run – check. Maybe at some point I’ll be about the speed, but for now it is all about going the distance, baby!

>God Bless the Broken Road

>I was so flattered to be asked by a new friend for a WW pep talk of sorts yesterday. She just needed to talk a bit and get some advice from someone who has traveled a little further on this weight loss road than she. I enjoyed talking with her and hopefully she was able to take a few nuggets from our conversation to help her.

What I found so amazing from this interaction is just how different we all are. As I was listening to her story and making some suggestions, it just reinforced how we are all indeed on our own weight loss or weight maintenance journey. While suggestions are helpful, it is so true that what works for one person may not work for another. The same is also true for the same person – one time it will work and one time it won’t! This is a blessing and a curse, I think. I’m glad the road is not straight, but filled with delightful opportunities for us to learn more about ourselves, our habits, and our idiosyncrasies and therefore grow (on the inside – not bigger!!). So, God bless the broken road that has led me to learn more about me and meet SO many wonderful new friends.

>She’s Got Legs….

>Tues, Feb 22
5:30am – Bootcamp at LifeCenter

Good overall workout, but focused more on legs today. We did this one workout that Troy called the 200 rep workout which rocked! It consisted of 50 plank pushups, 25 dips on the steps, 50 squats, 25 regular pushups and 25 squat jumps and 25 of something else, I can’t remember what! We could mix it up however we wanted so we broke it out. We had to do extra stuff at the end of the hour because we got done quicker than Troy thought – so he has making stuff up on the fly. Yeah, that’s right – we bad!

>Trust the Training

>Mon, Feb 21 – Week 3 has begun!
Ran 35 minutes at LifeCenter track
Not sure about distance or pace because my iPod got stuck…ugh!

You know that phrase, trust the process? Is it part of a 12-step program mantra? Not sure where I heard it from a long time ago, but I couldn’t get it out of my head this weekend. I kept thinking about it for two reasons, the first in terms of weight loss. Sometimes we can be doing all the “right” things, but it takes a while for it to show up on the scale. BUT, eventually it does…in time. Trust the process. The other reason I kept thinking about it was in terms of training. After my first 5-miler on Saturday, I had a little bit of ankle pain or stiffness really later that day. I was a bit nervous always worrying about injury, etc. But I just kept thinking “trust the process” or trust the training. There is a reason there is s day of rest after the long run day. By Sunday morning after I walked the dog, my ankle was back to normal and totally fine during and after my run today. Trust the process and the training.

>Down Finally!

>Finally, finally, after like 6 weeks, today the scale was my friend! I was down 0.8 lbs from last week. I was kinda disappointed at first. I mean what part of running 12 miles, doing a boot camp class and a spinning class all in one week equals losing 0.8 lbs???? That is sorta ridiculous. And, I’m staying within my points…I promise! One silver lining in all this is that this is the week I would normally be up a little (monthly deal) and I was down in spite of that so that is good. Some say it is muscle gain, but I don’t buy it. I think maybe it is just my body adjusting to all of this. We’ll go with that. My running amount is only going to increase as the weeks go on so it should even out eventually – I hope! Cuz I hate paying every friggin week!!!! But, that is the way I hold myself accountable…its okay. My success is not totally controlled by that scale – I mean I ran 5 friggin’ miles this morning, come on!