>Noisy Jumping Jacks!!

>So I debated whether or not to blog about this, but decided to go ahead and do it because 1) we are all adults, 2) we are all human and have digestive systems, and 3) in my family bathroom humor is still funny at any age (all boys!). So, with that being said, this is my warning and disclaimer to you before you read any further. This entry will involve a degree of bathroom humor. You are forewarned! Leave this site now if you are highly disgusted, but if you are down for a good laugh at my expense…please continue!

I went to boot camp class again yesterday at 5:30am. There were only two of us – not too surprising I guess since it is Christmas week. And no, the chatterbox was not there. We started out with 60 seconds of jumping jacks. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me jumping jacks seem to be some sort of trigger for my digestive system, especially early in the morning. Yes, the duck was back. I’m talking about the duck that talks in staccato-type quacks, but talks very clearly, none-the-less. Now, I’m thankful that this duck has no odor to speak of – just a very loud voice. The duck has appeared other times at this class, but fortunately, I was able to contain the her in such a way as to not admit ownership. But, picture this, there is hardly anyone at the fitness center this early and only two of us in the class with NO music to boot!!!! It is quiet. There is no place to hide from the “duck in the room”, if you will. So yesterday I chose to just embrace it. I mean, what else could I do?! I apologized and acknowledged that I was the duck’s “owner”. Thankfully, the trainer was very good humored about it – at least to my face. I have no doubt that this experience will be fodder for humorous holiday conversations about his lively clients.

What I find funny is why we act as though no one else does this…EVER!? I mean it is ridiculous when you think about it. Of course it is embarrassing, especially when it is a situation in which the duck simply cannot be controlled by any means. Her voice must be heard! Well, I am going to be better prepared for this next time. And of course there will be a next time. In addition to taking an appropriate over-the-counter minimizing mechanism, I will be ready to blurt out the phrase, “AFLAC”!!!!! I figure if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

>The Only Thing Permanent is Change

>So, I just completed my second week on the new Points Plus Weight Watchers program. Basically, the points are now calculated using carbs, fat, fiber and protein rather than just calories, fat and fiber like before. The daily point allowance has increased as well as the weekly point allowance, but the point value of most foods has increased too. It basically turns out to be a wash except with foods that are higher in carbs. The one really good thing is that now all fruit is 0 points which is very cool. Keep those grapes and bananas coming!

At first I wanted to fight the new changes. I mean, I lost my weight with the old program and it worked just fine, right? Yes. However, I’m starting to realize that this new change is an opportunity to relearn some things – maybe some things that I had forgotten. Plus it really does seem to be healthier, taking into account carbs and protein. Like any other change it just takes a little time and patience. I can do that. So, I’m still sold on the program and I’m convinced – you can teach an old WW dog new tricks!!!

>Proud to be…Pain Free!

>Great news! I ran this morning with no pain in my foot! Yahoo!! It was the first time I have run a considerable distance since being on the mend from my Achilles tendon injury the end of October. I mean, I’ve done a little bit in the boot camp class, but just a few laps. It felt SO good to run again. And yes, I did what I was advised to do – I warmed up a bit before running. I walked around the track once and then joined in on a kick-boxing class for about 10 minutes. Then I ran for only 20 minutes – I figure it was about 2 miles. I could have gone longer, but I wanted to ease myself back into it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is just nothing like running as an overall workout. I admit I feel great after boot camp too, but it is a different feeling. Running is the bomb and I’m so glad I let my body heal so now I can do it again. I registered for a 5K on New Year’s Eve outside which should be fun! The give-away is a blanket so I’m totally in!

Oh, by the way, “Ms. Chatty” from boot camp was at Life Center this morning. This time she was chatting with someone walking on the track…while drinking coffee. Really? I rank that right up there with talking on the cell phone while walking on the track. If you can drink coffee while walking I think you no longer need a fitness center. At that point I would really just recommend hitting the mall circuit. Just sayin’…

>Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little!

>So I completed my second session at boot-camp this morning – Check! Great workout! We worked on upper-body and my arms were feeling it already just washing my hair in the shower. Yikes – tomorrow should be interesting! There were only two of us there today. It was a very snowy morning and I think that must have kept the other 6 people that were signed up for the class away today. With only two people we just had one trainer. At first it felt a bit awkward. You cannot hide when there are only two of you!! It was cool though because he spent a lot of time with each of us, encouraging us, but also making sure we had proper form, etc. All-in-all it was an uneventful workout. That is, right up until the end of the hour. Let me explain…

As I mentioned there was only one other participant in the class this morning. This woman was pleasant enough and familiar with the trainer – talking him up a bit before we started. No biggie. But then, I noticed that she was talking THROUGHOUT the workout. Now, I don’t mean like snip-its of “you can do it” or “just one more” or something to that effect. I’m talking full-out conversations with the trainer during the workout. Now, let me just say, at first I just let it go, thinking she is filling the silence because she is nervous. But when it continued with questions to the trainer about her workout schedule, etc. I was getting really annoyed! Granted, most of my exercise time is solitary – mostly running. But even if I do a class I’m not there to socialize. I’m there to work hard and concentrate on what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I like to hoot and holler like the best of ’em – at the appropriate times in the workout. But in general I just want to concentrate and work hard and leave the chitty-chat for later. I continued to bite my tongue as I listened to this woman prattle on during the hour. Finally, with about 5 minutes left in the class, we were in the middle of a “wall-sit squat” exercise when she was complaining about her stomach and wondering if she should have eaten breakfast before the class. When she asked me if I had eaten breakfast I said, “I think you talk too much.” Yes, I said that. It just came out. I was pushed to the brink with chatter woman and lost it. She said, “well, excuse me” and was quiet for the rest of the class (5 minutes). Hallelujah – sweet relief!

Needless to say I did not win any popularity contests with this woman today. I apologized to her after for being rude, but explained that I just need to concentrate. She responded that she would just go to a night boot camp class because “they normally like to have fun during boot camp”. So now I’m the fun killer?! Again, I like to have fun just as much as the next boot camper, but if I want to plan my week’s activities with a friend, I’d rather just go to lunch. But on the brighter side, perhaps Thursday will be a quieter workout. Here’s hoping.

>Boot Camp-a-licious!

>So I did my first boot-camp fitness class at LifeCenter this morning from 5:30am – 6:30pm and it was pretty great! This was a demo class to promote a series called “Hot for the Holidays” that they are doing through the month of December. There were two trainers that led it. After a few warm-ups – sprints, pushups, high-knees, etc we did a variety of circuit training using weights, bosu balls, and mats. We did core/ab work too. They kept it at a good pace, but every now and then we got like 60 seconds of “recovery” time for water breaks, etc. It was also a great mix of things that I could do easily, but I knew was a good workout (lounges, jumping jacks) and things that were challenging. It was a nice full hour. Now, I just have to convince my husband that I can spend the money on it! There is a cost involved per session or you can buy a package deal. I think it is totally worth it because after setting my alarm to get up and go work out the past three mornings, today was the only day I actually got my ass out of bed and went! It helps knowing that there is a group there and it will definitely help motivate me to get there if I’m paying for it! I really want to exercise regularly at this time of the day. There is a such a great feeling after working out first thing in the morning! Mucho energy, kick-starting the metabolism, and the feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention only one shower!! Bonus!

Oh, and the best news of all?!! My leg is better! Yahoo!! We even ran a bunch today…I mean, not miles, but intense sprints and I’m fine. Don’t worry, I’m not going to push it, but at least I know my running career is not over!! My plan is to do the boot camp class two days a week and run the other three days. The weekend days are up for grabs! My goal is to get back in running shape for the New Year’s Eve 5K on Dec 31 so I can get my blanket! Wish me luck!