Summer Break in the Library

Summer Break in the Library
June 6, 2018

Sounds of children’s chatter fill the air
Bustling place for moms and kids
Clouds cancelled any pool day plans

Tutors lecturing at tables
Didn’t school just end?
Must get a jump on Johnny’s next school year.

Bored stay-at-home dads waste time waiting for bored kids
Somehow the screens here are different from home
A distraction from the typical day and place

Mom’s with strollers and other kids in tow
Looking for a story-teller that is not them
Needing a break from being mom and playmate

Gray haired men fall asleep reading newspapers
Retired from work, but not from life
Reading free magazines with phones on speaker.

Book-wormy teenagers reshelving books
But wait, those are DVD’s and CD’s…
Don’t libraries have books anymore?

Younger men dressed in khakis carrying laptop bags
Polishing up resumes or working on consultant projects
Is this working from home?

All of them are called to this special place
A place that is different from work, school, or home
Seeking quiet or learning
Seeking conversation or distraction
Seeking respite or engagement.

And then there is me.
No longer a mom with kids in tow, a tutor, consultant, and not yet a retiree.
But I’m still drawn here. What am I seeking?
I don’t know.
But somehow the solace – the sacredness of this shared space lets me know that I have found exactly what I’m looking for. Myself.