CHAPTER 11 – November – “I Reached My Goal Weight!!!!”

This month felt so long. I felt like my weight was up a little, down a little – and that I was never going to get to my goal weight. But on Saturday, November 28 it finally happened! I weighed in below 135 (my goal weight) and did it! It felt so great! The Saturday before I had lost 0.6 pounds and was only 1.5 pounds away from goal – AGAIN! This was the trend for the last few weeks – up, down and so close, but no cigar. I was getting really discouraged. But on Saturday, November 21 I decided, just made up my mind that the next week was going to be my week to finally get to goal. I got it in my head that it was happening!!! Even though Thanksgiving weekend was coming up – I didn’t care – I was through messing around and wanted to reach this goal once and for all!! Well, between the Turkey Trot with Nick on Thanksgiving morning and the Black Friday shopping marathon, I pulled it off!! I think the shopping helped a lot! On that Saturday everyone clapped for me and it felt good. Usually members go onto the maintenance plan for a total of 6 weeks after reaching goal, but I went directly to Lifetime status again since I was already a Lifetime member – which means – no more paying! That was definitely a bonus. I got my goal charm and felt a great sense of accomplishment while at the same time wondered how this maintenance thing was going to be…we’ll see!…READ MORE

Lessons Learned

1. Do I change my goal weight or not? As I mentioned above, during the last six weeks or so I have been hovering around 1 to 1 ½ pounds away from the goal weight that I set when I started – 135 pounds. I had already reached the healthy weight range for a woman my height so technically if I wanted to, I could change my goal weight (raise it) and then proclaim that I have reached it, be declared a lifetime member and stop paying. One of the receptionists mentioned that I could do this several times at the scale when I was again disappointed with my results. I was so tempted to do this, but I kept feeling like I was giving in because of saving money – that I was giving in before I reached my own goals. But at the same time I had my doubts. What if my body had a set point that would not go to 135? What if my body was telling me that I had already reached that point? I talked with some of the other members in my meeting and they said loud and clear, “DON’T DO IT!” Stick to your guns, those last pounds will come off and you will feel good about sticking to your original plan. I know that people do alter their goal weight for a variety of reasons, but I just didn’t think it was the right choice for me. So, I made an agreement with myself. I would stick with 135 as my goal weight until the end of 2009. If by the end of the year I still had not reached my goal, then I would think about changing it. Well, I stuck with it and I finally got there on November 28! Yahoo!…READ MORE

Weight and Tracking Log
I had a net total loss of 4.2 pounds this month for a grand total of 44.2 pounds! I broke in my first 3-month journal today – yipee!

Activity Log
It was getting chillier on my runs this month, but I still managed to do them outside. I had heard about a 4-mile Turkey Trot event scheduled for Thanksgiving morning and convinced Nick to run it with me. We ended up not signing up for it in the end because of our Thanksgiving travel plans with family. But we did decide to do our own run instead! Nick was in cross country season at this point so he was up for it! We had never run together before so I wasn’t sure how this would work. I knew he as a lot faster than me since I was about a 10-11 minute miler. We headed out early on Thanksgiving morning at about 7:30am and we ran my normal route (about 2.5 miles). Nick ran my pace with me. It was great! Having Nick running with me really pushed me to run faster so it was more challenging. It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning and I’m glad we did it! …READ MORE