My Book: Losing to Gain

So, another book on weight loss – just what the world needs, right? Wrong! I hope this book is a little different than the others out there. I am not a celebrity. I am not looking to make a gazillion dollars by selling this book to millions of people. I am just a regular person who has struggled with my weight loss journey (I still struggle daily I might add) and has been open to learn some lessons about myself along the way. I wrote this book for two reasons: (1) to share a real-life look at how a regular person can lose weight and accomplish personal health and weight loss goals, and (2) for me, as a cathartic sharing/journaling of my own experience. While I do consider weight management a life-long journey, certainly the beginning is the awareness that things need to change. I hope you can learn something from my journey that will inspire you on yours, wherever you find yourself at this moment. So whether you are thinking about making a change to get healthier or you are already maintaining excellent health or somewhere in between, hopefully you can find some inspiration in these pages.


I do not claim to be a nutritionist, an expert in weight loss management or even an expert on the Weight Watchers program. What I claim to be is a third-timer who I think is finally getting it mostly right and wants to share what I have learned and what I have done and continue to do to be successful. Some of the things I suggest may not work for you and that is okay. I recognize that everyone’s journey is different and that various strategies work for different people. That is what makes this so amazing and exciting! My hope is that this book can serve as another “tool” in your “toolbox” for you to call upon when and if you need it. I invite you to read the information I present, take in what you can use, share what you would like, and discard what you need to.


Each chapter focuses on a different month over the year 2009 and each contains highlights and lowlights of that particular month and the lessons that I learned. In order to provide an honest portrayal of my journey, I have shared both my triumphs and my trials with you, but have tried to view the experience through a positive lens throughout the book. That is just how I roll! I think we learn from failure just as much as success so that is why I look for the positives even in the down times of my life experiences. Finally, each chapter chronicles my net weight loss/gain for that month and my activity log, as well.

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