CHAPTER 6 – June – “Plan, Plan and Plan!”

This month I hit the 25 pound mark on June 13 and so I got the 25 pound charm!!! Very exciting day for me, especially after being so disappointed last month. I also got a big 25 star magnet too since Nancy had some leftover…two things – score! I didn’t leave the meeting that day until I put my 25 pound washer onto my 10% key ring. This is such a great anchor that I continue to use every day so I can remind myself of my accomplishment and keep me motivated at the same time.

Another highlight for me this month was buying a bathing suit. Yes, you read that right – I actually enjoyed purchasing a swimsuit for this summer!! Hey, I had lost 25 pounds and I felt great about how I looked and felt, especially compared to last summer. Plus the suits that I pulled out from my drawer from last summer were frumpy styles that did not fit me at all (not surprising), so off I went to TJ Max to see what I could find that was fun, cute and fit me! I purchased a pink raspberry colored tankini that I felt so good in – I couldn’t wait to get to the pool! The last time I remember being excited about purchasing a bathing suit was for my honeymoon 10 years ago – before which I had lost 26 pounds on Weight Watchers! Oh life is so interesting…READ MORE

Lessons Learned

1. Mix up your food repertoire – change it up! Sometimes when following a weight loss program it is easy to get into a rut, food-wise. We figure out exactly how many points our favorite foods are and we tend to stick with it. I mean, part of this makes sense, I guess because we have had success and want to keep up that success so why mess with a good thing, right? Wrong! One of the things I learned was is that it is important for me to add variety to my meals and food intake in order to avoid boredom. I found that if I got bored I became less interested in keeping good track of things and it was easy to make that rice a heaping one (1) cup of rice and that one tablespoon more like two. Plus, there are so many awesome foods out there to try! I found it was easier to try new recipes and new foods if I planned ahead. With an investment of some time on the front end of my week, I found that I could prepare a healthy variety of foods throughout the week. Most weeks I do my menu planning and grocery shopping on Sundays. I make my list based on planned dinners for the week ahead – usually at least through the following Saturday. I first look at my calendar for the upcoming week to identify the nights that I will need something prepared ahead of time and the nights that I will need to make something easy that my husband can fix. I then comb the Weight Watchers website for yummy-looking recipes. I also look at www.allrecipes.com (I only use the ones that provide the nutritional information). I like to select between 2 -3 new recipes per week and then I fill in with our standard favorites. I also keep a variety of smart one frozen dinners on hand. I list all the ingredients that I will need to make those meals plus the staples that we like to have in the house. Our basic staples are yogurt, microwave popcorn (the Weight Watcher endorsed one), fruit (in season, usually, but always apples and bananas included), low-fat pudding, baby carrots, hummus, bagged salad and lots of cereal (my boys are crazy for it!) I really like the Fiber One brand. In terms of dinners I usually try to have one night be a fish dish. I do try to push my own comfort zone (and my family’s) too. In addition to trying fish and now loving it I have also made eggplant, spaghetti squash, butternut squash soup and multiple bean and vegetarian options. I also try to eat colorful foods, eat double portions of veggies, and limit my sugar intake. I still drink half-n-half in my coffee and it is not low-fat. Everyone has to have their vice I guess!…READ MORE

Weight and Tracking Log

I lost a net weight of 2.4 pounds this month for a grand total of 25.6 pounds! This month, I added tracking my runs on my tracker as well as my food intake.

Activity Log

This month I continue to follow the “Couch to 5K” program. It is going well. I had to repeat a couple of workouts just so I could feel comfortable moving forward. Two things are fun about running this time of year. Zachary can ride his bike along with me so he is getting exercise too. Also, I enjoy the flex-time in the summer time at work. I can drive home at 4pm, run, and still have time to prepare dinner for my family to have ready by about 6:30pm. READ MORE