Fresh Fork – Week 22

Fri, Oct 30

Well, we have come to the last week of the summer share for our first subscription to Fresh Fork! It has gone fast! Here is what my husband picked up while I was out of town. Notice, the great picture!


Here is the detailed list:
Red Cabbage – 1 head
Broccoli – 1 head
Butternut Squash – 1
Beets – 1 bunch
Red Leaf Lettuce – 1 head
Apples, Melrose – 1 quarter peck
Salt and Pepper Pork Sausage, 1# bulk

I plan to make some butternut squash soup this week as well as try to use up the other veggies in a stir fry. We might use the sausage on a pizza. I must confess that I need to do a good fridge and pantry clean-out in order to plan for this week. Being out of town all weekend means that I feel a bit behind, but I’m off today in order to get caught up with stuff like laundry, bills and menu planning. I’m glad that I we don’t have any weekend travel plans for the near future, probably through the holidays. It will feel good to settle into time at home. It has been fun to share our first fresh fork experience with you all. I hope you have enjoyed it! See you again to share this next June! Until then, Happy Eating. And, look for a soup blog over the winter months, hopefully starting this weekend!

Fresh Fork – Week 21

Friday, Oct 23

Well, I just picked up my last bag for our first summer share yesterday! We have one more week to go, but Mike will pick it up since I’ll be out of town. I’m sad that is has come to an end because every Friday it was like Christmas! Even though I knew what was going to be in the bag (mostly), it was still a bit of a surprise – many times because I was getting an item that I had never eaten or cooked with before. Also, with the summer share coming to an end it also means that we are into fall and you know what comes next!!! I have to admit, however, that it has gotten increasingly difficult to make plans to use all the items with a busy fall schedule so there is a part of me that is relieved. It is definitely easier to do this during the summer months when my work schedule is a little more relaxed. I think we will definitely participate again next. Fresh Fork offers a Winter Share, but we are not going to participate in that one this year. It is cool that they offer it, but not quite sure it would be worth it for us.

Here is our bag for this week:

And the detailed list:
Broccoli – 1 head
Acorn Squash – 1
Apple Cider – 1 half gall.
Collard Greens – 1 bunch
Celeriac – 1 bulb with tops
Apples – quarter peck
Green Onion Brats – 1 pack

I’m not sure what celeriac is, but I’m thinking something like celery (brilliant deduction, I know). Not too big of a bag this time. We will eat the brats tonight for dinner with leftover green beans and perhaps the acorn squash. The huge green mass in the center is a beautiful head of broccoli that still had the leaves on it.

Here is the bonus order I got yesterday with the credits I had from a week of “vacation” we took a couple weeks ago.


Here is what was in the special order:
1 bag of rolled oats
2 bags of corn chips
2 pack of wheat pizza dough
1 bag of whole bean coffee
1 loaf of wheat bread

I’m already thinking about what to cook/blog about after Fresh Fork summer share is done. One of my ideas is to make a different soup every weekend and blog about that. How does that sound?! I think it sounds realistic in terms of time, yummy, and a good way to try new recipes and make sure to have leftovers! Look for the start of that in a couple weeks. Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 20

Friday, Oct 16

Week 20 is here! Only 2 weeks left for the summer share! It has gone fast, but then again it feels like it has been longer than 20 weeks so far. I added another vacation week last week since I was going to be out of town for the whole weekend and things would likely go bad AND I would not have time to plan and shop until Tuesday. Whew, this pace is pretty demanding this fall!

Anyways, below is our bag for this week, save for the apple cider. I added that since it sounded good.


Here is the detailed list:
Carrots – 1 bunch
Cauliflower – 1 head
Potatoes – 2#
Green Peppers – 2
Concord Grapes – 1 qt
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pint
Green Beans – 1 lb
Romaine Lettuce – 1 head
Tuscan Kale – 1 bunch

Since we didn’t get a bag last week I’ve pretty much cleaned out the pantry and fridge and was ready for fresh stuff this week. Most of these items I will prep for salads. I might use the cauliflower as a potato substitute, but just depends on time. Perhaps I’ll roast the kale. Mike will probably use the potatoes to make his awesome garlic mashed taters. I have work/school stuff M, T, W and TH this week so my cooking will be limited to whatever I can get done this weekend. Yikes! I’ll make a plan for easy things for the boys to make. We’ll see how that goes! Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 18

Friday, Oct 2

October already – wow! That is very hard to believe!! Here is the haul that we had for this week:


And here is the detailed list:

Acorn Squash – x 1
Kale – 1 bunch
Green Beans – 1#
Eggplant – 1 to 2 depending on size
Pinto Beans – 1#
Apples – 1 quarter peck
Lettuce – 1 head, romaine or green leaf
Breakfast Patties

This week I plan to make a soup with the kale, and use most other items as sides (acorn squash, green beans). I pulled a recipe for apple cobbler and we will have breakfast for dinner one night this week also with the sausage patties.

I was kind of a slacker with the bag from last week. There were some items that just did not get used (ugh). I find that it is getting increasingly hard to get cooking done once school started again. If I have a busy weekend, then I just can’t get it all done. The planning gets done, but the cooking…not so much.

This coming Friday I took as a “vacation” from Fresh Fork which means that we won’t have a pick-up. I’m out of town for the entire weekend so it just does not make sense to get a bag then. The co-op only goes through the end of this month so I need to make the most of the rest of the weeks! The next question will be, should I sign up for the winter co-op??!! Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 17

Fri, Sept 25

So for the first time this season I had Mike go and pick up our basket as I was busy picking up race stuff at the Akron Marathon Expo. So, the picture below was the vision of my hubby. I’m not criticizing. I’m just giving credit where credit is due! I think we just have different visions, but I’m VERY glad he took the pic for me!


Here is the detailed list:
Butternut Squash & Sage Linguine
Yukon Gold Potatoes – 2#
Carrots w Tops – 1 bunch
Butternut Squash – 1
Onion – 1
Beets – 1 bunch
Zucchini – 2 ct
Green Peppers – 2 ct
Kohlrabi – 1 bulb
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pint

The zucchini are yellow squash instead and I did not see a kohlrabi in the basket unless I missed something. We should be able to eat through this basket with not too much problem except for the beets. I’ll see what I can whip up in a salad, however.

Last week I was a cooking fool! I made tons of zucchini bread, stuffed peppers, made a ratatouille, baked spaghetti squash for lunch for work, made butternut squash soup and made a beet and kale salad! Whew! I really liked it all! I don’t have lots of ideas for cooking with the items in this basket this week except or the potatoes and the carrots. Oh and I do plan on roasting the butternut squash to toast in with the linguine. The rest will will have raw in salads or sides. This is going to be another really busy week at work so the plan is to make some things ahead of time and use the crockpot for the boys. Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 16

Fri, Sept 18

Wow! It is hard to believe that it is Week 16 of the farm co-op! How time flies, right? Here is this week’s bounty!


And here is the detailed list:
Eggplant x 2
Spaghetti Squash x 1
Leaf Lettuce
Golden Beets
Apple Cider: half gall.
Roma Tomatoes 2#
Zucchini x 2
Turkey Patties – 4 per pack

The only substitution on the list was sliced turkey breast in place of the turkey patties which is actually better for us! Oh, and we only got one eggplant. This will be a good bundle for us. I think I will make a ratatouille this week. I’ve never made it before, but I have an overwhelming amount of veggies in my fridge from last week still (hubby was out of town) and it sounded kinda good. I will find a good recipe for this and probably make it on Sunday. I am using our plethora of zucchini for bread for our church bake sale – in the oven now! Smells so good! I will make a little extra for us to keep too. It feels good to be able to use it up. We haven’t been good about eating our zucchini raw or grilled this summer. I have to admit it is not my favorite in the squash family.

The apple cider and turkey will work well for us – everyone loves those items. I’m pretty much the only pear fan, however. I’ve never cooked with golden beets either so that will take some research. I will admit I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with our cornucopia of produce right now. I was not able to get to much of the basket last week due to lack of time and my hubby out of town. However, the good news is most of it will keep (lots of fall/winter squash) so I’ll get it done. It just takes planning (realistic planning!). Here is to a busy prepping/cooking weekend!! Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 15

Friday, Sept 11

The basket seems a little light this week. What do you think?


I think maybe it was because there was no meat item for the first time, I believe.

Here is the detailed list:
Butternut Squash – 1
Acorn Squash – 1
Carrots – 1 bunch
Zucchini – 2 ct
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pint
Leeks – 1 large one or a bunch of small ones
Longhorn Peppers – 2
Green Peppers – 2
Stanley Plums – 1.5#
Spelt Berries – 2#

We did not get the longhorn peppers, but got double the green peppers instead. I plan to make butternut squash soup with the squash and the leek – one of my fave soups to make! I have never cooked with spelt berries before. For those, like me, who are unfamiliar they are a wheat grain andn not a fruit as the name implies. I believe you use it just like you would a rice, but I’ll have to do some research on that. I’m a little worried about using the whole basket this week as Mike is going out of town Sunday – Friday! Zach is not a big vegetable guy! I need to figure out something else to do with the plums, unless I just eat them plain – tired of the cobbler. I think I’ll just try to prep the veggies for easy grabbing tomorrow so they are ready for the week.

We are finally going to roast our chicken from last week tonight! It has been thawing in the fridge since Tuesday! I did not use the fennel like I planned and I think it has now probably gone bad. These weeks are so busy and if I don’t get something cooked right away it seems like it doesn’t happen! We did make the collard greens later in the week and they were fabulous!

Well, back to my research and planning for 2 for the week! Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 14

Friday, September 4

This week’s bag was so heavy!! With a whole chicken, and a watermelon, of course it would be crazy heavy! I’m still surprised all of this fit into one bag! However, the fennel plant was like climbing out of the top! I felt like I could be carrying a load of Christmas decorations!


Here is the detailed list of this week’s cornucopia:

Whole Chicken – 1
Fennel – 1 bulb with top
Kohlrabi – 1
Collard Greens – 1 bunch
Zucchini – 2
Onion – 1
Sweet Corn – 4 ears
Watermelon – 1
Paula Red Apples – 1/4 peck
Lettuce – 1 head

The only change from this list was we got a bunch of plums instead of peaches. And I’m sure they are plums and not purple potatoes!! Ha!

The chicken will remain frozen until I can have a good plan to prepare it. We ruined 2 whole chickens during the last 14 weeks, so we don’t have a very good track record! If anyone has a fail safe way to prepare a whole chicken, please let me know! I only know that we are not doing the beer-can/grill method again! I am excited to use the kohlrabi again, probably as fritter type things. The rest of the basket is pretty standard except for the Christmas-tree like thing called fennel. It smells faintly like black licorice so I love that! I will have to research what to do with this. For those who also have no idea what fresh fennel looks like, it is the giant thing laying flat in the very back of the picture. I’m thinking that you just add it for flavor to a dish? I’ve used dried fennel like one time, and I think that was the context for using it. I’ll be sure to report back!

Oh, the bottle of fresh strawberry daiquiri mix in the front of the picture was an extra purchase this week. It looked like a yummy, nice treat to share over Labor Day weekend.

Some of the remnants of last week’s basket are still around. I have the hot peppers, some tomatoes, and the kale still. The boys did like the pizza with the fresh sausage. I made really yummy egglplant that Mike and I inhaled, but Zach, not so much. That is another story all together!! Hopefully this week we an successfully consume all this wonderful food. Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork – Week 13

Fri, Aug 28

It is pizza week at Fresh Fork! That is how they promoted this week’s basket and it is really true with lots of makings for great pizza in the basket this week. We have 2 crusts, lots of roma tomatoes, sausage, and peppers. That right there sounds like a great pizza to me!

Here is the pic of the load this week:


And, as always, the detailed list:

Pizza Crust x 2
Roma Tomatoes – 3#
Green Beans – 1#
Kale – 1 bunch
Radishes – 1 bunch
Hot Hungarian Peppers – handful
Garlic – 1 bulb
Eggplant – 1 to 2
Italian Sausage – 1#

This is a pretty good basket for us this week. There are lots of nice ripe roma tomatoes so I think I might make another batch of salsa. That seems to be the best way to get tomatoes into my boys! We will make a couple pizzas as I mentioned earlier in this post. I love eggplant, but my family is not as thrilled so that will be a challenge! Radishes are not quite our fave so that will also be challenging. Also, the challenging thing about kale is that I love it baked as chips, but I’ve found you have to eat them right away or they get soft. Unless I can think of another way to use them. Maybe in soup??

We blew through our basket last week! I made tomatillos salsa that was excellent and ate the spaghetti squash for 2 meals. My hubby plowed through the watermelon and we ate all the salad. I need to continue to get more organized during the weekend and cook ahead now that school has started and things are busier in the evenings. This is all possible with the right planning, however, and I’m just the woman for that. Happy Eating!

Fresh Fork Week 12

Fri, August 21

We got the mother-load in our bag this week! Yahoo!!! Check it out!!!


Here is the detailed scrumptious list:
Spaghetti Squash – 1
Watermelon – 1
Yukon Gold Potatoes – 3#
Onion – 1 ct
Heirloom Tomatoes – 1.5#
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pint
Basil – 1 bunch
Ginger Gold Apples – 1 quarter peck
Green Peppers: 2 ct
Romaine Lettuce – 1 head
Ground Beef – 1#

The only substitutions were they swapped out the peaches for a cantaloupe and blackberries, which was fine by me because we have had a lot of peaches!! This is a good list. It will be easy to use the ground beef and most of the other vegetables. I like spaghetti squash cooked with spaghetti sauce, but we’ll see if I can get the boys to eat it. I might try using the basil to make either ice cream or my own Popsicles. That might be fun! I’ve been reading this cool book 100 Days of Real Food, by Lisa Leake (based on her very cool blog of the same name) and that would fit right into that!

Here are the extra things I bought this week:

I love this grape cider! I might try it with some carbonated water or wine to make a spritzer this time. And these crackers are so good and only 5 ingredients!!

I have to share a funny story from last week. Remember the large bag of “purple potatoes” I got last week?! They are to the left of the greens in this picture.


Well…about that. I quickly unpacked my order on Friday evening, took the picture and put everything away so the “purple potatoes” went into the pantry. Fast forward to Sunday late afternoon when I was prepping for dinner. I went to grab the taters to get them cut up for roasting only to find out they were squishy. As a matter of fact, they were not potatoes at all. They were indeed the plums that were on the list afterall!!! Oh brother! Luckily they still looked okay after being in the pantry for a couple days! I stashed them in the fridge, cut up a couple potatoes I had in the pantry for dinner, and hoped for the best. I’m happy to report that I used the plums to make a plum cobbler that turned out really good! Too funny! This food share is always an adventure!! Happy Eating!