Fresh Fork Week #2

Here is this week’s haul!

We have:
Green Onions
Strawberries – 1 qt
Pork Chops -2 pack

The biggest challenge for this week, besides the rhubarb, is getting this all consumed before leaving on vacation late Tuesday. It will happen, however, mark my words! We will eat the spinach, green onions and lettuce in salads for lunches. We will have the pork chops tonight for dinner with the broccoli and I’ve already been digging into the strawberries. They are amazing!! Now, let’s deal with this rhubarb. I’ve never eaten or cooked rhubarb, so this is a new one for me. I’ve never even eaten the quintessential rhubarb pie! At the truck yesterday I noticed they had rhubarb bread for sale (like quick bread) and that peaked my interest. I will have to do some research and see what sounds good!
Happy Cooking!

Fresh Fork Summer Share 2018 – Week #1

Fri, June 1, 2018

Yep, its that time again everybody! Fresh Fork is back in action and this week is week #1. Today was my first day for pick up! For those who aren’t familiar, Fresh Fork is a food co-op that provides locally grown produce (all grown within 75 miles away) and other food with convenient pick-up locations in cities around NE Ohio. We participated in the co-op a couple of years ago and liked it, but did not always use all the food, in spite of my valiant efforts. This summer since my job schedule changed and I’ll be home for June and July I thought we could try it again since I’ll be home more to cook! I plan to blog about the basket each week and share what I plan to do with the food. This will be fun and hopefully help me to be more accountable too!

It is cool because all of the food is given to you in this cute reusable bag.  You just bring it back with you each time and they switch them out.  Very green.

Here is this week’s small omnivore bag which is what we get. They also have large bags and vegan and vegetarian bags.

This week’s small omnivore bag contains:
Asparagus – 1#
Kale – 1 bunch
Hydroponic Lettuce – 1 sleeve
Spelt Berries – 2#
Drinkable Yogurt – 1 pint
Whole Chicken


This week we will eat the asparagus steamed and the kale and lettuce raw in salads. The drinkable yogurt will most probably be used in combination with a smoothie. The whole chicken will be cooked on the Traeger grill and the radishes will be used a few ways – on fish tacos, on salads and maybe sandwiches. The spelt berries are the only stumper here. I think I will steam them in the rice cooker to use with the chicken as a rice substitute and perhaps use some as a pasta substitute. They will probably not get eaten during this week, but we shall see. Happy Cooking!