Fresh Fork – Week #8

Friday, July 20

I’m so behind this week, but finally getting to blog about last Friday’s basket!  Here is what we got:

Here is how it breaks down:
Red Cabbage
Peaches – 5 to 6
Zucchini – 1 to 2
Carrots – 1 bunch
Cucumber – 1 to 2
Green Onion Brats

I cut up the carrots and the cucumber to eat as an appetizer for a dinner party on Friday night. We at the green onion brats (which were really Italian sausage) last night with our first Szalays corn of the season – yummy! The onion will be used in a pork and beans dish for tomorrow and the lettuce has/will be used for salad. The peaches will be eaten as is or cooked in a dessert if they get ahead of me. Not sure about the red cabbage, honestly. I need to do some research on that one – again! I might make red cabbage and potato hash tonight!
Happy Eating!

One thought on “Fresh Fork – Week #8”

  1. All sounds great! We had “your” roasted potatoes and onions last night along with a salad and some pork chops (not as good as the ones Mike fixed on the Traeger, but the potatoes and onions were great!

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