Fresh Fork Week #6

Friday, July 6

Here is our haul from this week:

And the details:
Green Beans
Cherries – 1 pt
Green Onions
Chicken Patties

We will eat the broccoli and green beans as sides. I am making a yummy snack (think smoothie bowl) with the cherries using almond milk for a treat for tomorrow. I will use the green onions, some zucchini and some other veggies I need to use up in a stir fry for lunch today. I will use the kale in a soup this week as well as for a new twist on avocado toast because I’m a little bit obsessed. The lettuce will be for salads and the chicken patties we will make for jerk chicken sammy’s for tomorrow’s dinner. Also on deck today is a blueberry peach cobbler that is from so it is totally a healthier option.

Happy Eating!

One thought on “Fresh Fork Week #6”

  1. Sounds like a good plan–I just bought the “stuff” for a stir fry this week also–haven’t had one in a while! Love you!

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