Fresh Fork – Week #4

Fri, June 22

Here is today’s wonderful bag!

Here is the list of the good stuff:
Green Onions/ Scallions
Summer Squash – 2
Candy Onion
Strawberries – 1 qt (they didn’t have any strawberries this week (boo!) so they will have an additional item in next week’s bundle.
Ground Beef – 1 lb

I will use the following in salads: radishes, lettuce and green onions. I will probably grill the summer squash or use it with the candy onion in a stir fry. The broccoli we will steam and I think I will rice the cauliflower. We will use the ground beef for tacos.

You might notice that there are some additional items in the picture beyond the ones listed above (in the back). That is because last week (week #3) we were on vacation so we had credits to use! The way the vacation program works is that you get 4 weeks to “take vacation” and you get credit for that week that you can apply to additional items. Some items are totally different and some are just duplicates of what are already offered in the baskets. So, since we had vacation last week we had credits to use. I decided to get the following 4 things:

Crazy Monkey Granola – Chocolate Peanut Butter
Spinach Linguine
Maple Sorghum Breakfast sausage
Peach Jam

I have already eaten half of the granola so that is that. No judgement please, it is summer and it is really good!
Mike made the sausage into breakfast sandwich patties that Zach likes. We will eat the spinach linguine with salads tonight with salads and enjoy the peach jam on toast and English muffins.

This will be an easy bundle to consume!
Happy Eating!

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