Great New Year’s Eve Race 2017 – Tradition #13

Sunday, December 31, 2017
GNYER 2017 5K, 4pm
Stow High School

This is a bonus Christmas tradition – lucky #13!  I included it with my 12 Christmas tradition list because it takes place during Christmas week and it certainly is a tradition as I’ve done it since 2010!!  And plus, it is my blog so there is that.  I’m the boss of it.  Anyways…

Whew, that was a cold one!  It was a balmy 15 degrees at 4pm for the start of this 5K.  I think this is the race I have run the longest!  I started in 2010 and have run it every year.  It is fun because it is the last race of the year and you just never know what the weather will be!  For example, last year it was 40 degrees!

I was actually dressed perfectly for the weather today.  I had on running pants, two layers of tech shirts (one was my new Patagonia shirt with a hood – should be great for fall weather) and then my running jacket.  I had 2 pairs of gloves – one pair of liners, my gaiter and 2 hats.  I took one pair of gloves off at about 1.5 miles.  I felt pretty good for the entire race – but walked the last hill which is a killer.  My glasses fogged up again which is generally a pain, but more this year because I was trying to avoid the slush.  We got a decent amount of snow the day before and a little bit the morning of the race so the roads were a little slick in parts.











I was happy to see my friends, Chris and Alise who recently got engaged.  Yay! Chris won his age group!  Alise and I were interested to see if we got the “middle of the pack” award. Both of us lost there.  She was faster than it and I was slower!  The middle of the pack woman’s time was 34:18.  I was so close again!  My time was 34:49.  Damn, if only I didn’t walk the hill!!  The prize was $100!!!

Overall I was okay with my time.  I’m definitely slowing down a bit, but hey, I’m still out there, right?!  That wraps up both my Christmas traditions and my races for 2017.  Happy New Year!  Bring on 2018!!

Here are my stats:
Time:  34:49; Pace:  11:14
Female age group: 9/16
All female:  64/111
Overall:  162/234

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  1. Lisa, you continue to amaze me–not just with your times but just the fact that you are “out there running.” Good work–proud of you!

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