Christmas with the Barkers – Tradition #11

Wed, December 27, 2017

Each year we get to extend our Christmas celebration with my sister, hubby and nephews.  They usually come to Hudson sometime during Christmas week and I usually host.  Timehop reminded me that a for a couple years when the boys were little and the weather cooperated we went sledding.  That was fun!  This year we simply visited, enjoyed some champagne punch, ate dinner, and exchanged presents.


My help in the kitchen!
Opening gifts
Grandma opening new red shoes! Go figure!

We also did the “white elephant” gift game tradition in honor of our family friends, the Kittelsons.  For many, many years, the Kittelson family would host our families on Christmas day and we would do the white elephant gift exchange.  This is the game in which people bring a gift that is laying around their house (not bought), wrap it up and bring it to exchange.


My sous chef!


Wearing Matt’s white elephant present!

This time we took turns selecting gifts based on birthdays.  Then once everyone has a gift people have a chance to steal/trade gifts if they roll doubles with dice.  You never know what you are going to get!  It is always fun!  Since the Kittelsons moved to Minnesota this summer we couldn’t get together with them so we had to do the white elephant with our family.

Growing cousins!










The original Pillsburys


Our Christmas with the Barkers always feels too short, but I’m thankful that we get to see each other!

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