Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon

Sunday, May 21

Cleveland Rite Aid Marathon – 10K

Wow – today was way different from last year’s race with thundersnow!! It was actually really pleasant this morning with a threat of rain at like 10am. The temperature was about 63 and sunny, but pretty humid. I was registered for the Half, but my training did not go as planned. My excuse this time was that we had a German exchange student with us the month of April and we were really busy every weekend that it cut into my long runs. Now, you and I both know that if I really wanted to get my long runs in I would have found the time!!  I only got up to 6 this training cycle! So, I knew that attempting the half would probably be a bad idea. Thankfully this race also has a 10K option so that was the new plan. I didn’t bother switching bibs because there was a cost of $20 to do that. I was just sad I wouldn’t get a medal and worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear my shirt! I would not wear a shirt I didn’t earn and they would give me the half shirt at the Expo.

Well, the good news was two-fold. One – all the shirts were the same this year so I could legitimately earn it and wear it and two – they were giving out medals for all races!!! I think this was a special thing because of the 40th anniversary of the race. Sweet!!

I went to the Expo on Friday night after work (why have I never done this before!). It was nice because it freed up Saturday and I was already close going from JCU. I was just planning on grabbing my bib and scramming, but of course I had to add to my collection of bondi bands and buy three new ones. Here is the one I wore today. It cracks me up because it is so me!!

I was nervous about finding a place to park by myself this year so I left really early. I got downtown and parked before 6am so that was cool! I took some time to play tourist!!



I always have fun walking around places that normally are surrounded by cars.  It was actually quite a beautiful morning!!  I felt good and strong the entire race.  I only walked a teeennsssy bit up this one giant hill, but the rest of the time I ran.  I used all three aid stations, but really felt good the entire time.

I ran into a couple of friends which was fun, but mostly had a solo experience and that was okay by me.  Although I did not PR I did pretty well in my groups.  My time was 1:10:00 with a mile pace of 11:16.  I was 58/149 , top 38% in my division (women from 45-49), 602/1440 in my gender, top 41% and overall 1160/2304, top 50%.  I’ll take it!!  It was a very good decision to drop down to the 10K.  My plan is to do a half, for real this time, in the fall.  Now, I just need to find a group or a partner to train with!!

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