Frostbite Prediction Run 5K 2017

Sat, Feb 4, 2017

Another prediction run!  For those who aren’t familiar, a prediction run is a race in which the winners are chosen by how close they came to the time they predict that they will finish.  This is the race where time (fast time that is) does not matter and folks like me have a fighting chance to win something!!  No watches or time pieces are allowed and you are on your honor.  This is my 3rd time running this race so you would think I would have an inkling now about how to predict this.  Of course, weather is a factor on how you run and this year was no exception.  This year’s race was super chilly at about 13 degrees at the start at 9am.  I must not have been feeling super speedy when I initially registered because I predicted my time to be 35:20.  Last year my time was 32:33, but it was a super nice day that day.  So when I arrived to pick up my packet this morning I was thinking I wanted to change my time to like 34 minutes flat.  I went over to do so, but the folks were busy getting the finish line set up and I felt silly bothering them about doing it. So my new plan was to just keep the slower time and just walk a bit during the race to try to get close to it.  Turns out this is harder than it sounds!  First of all, it was freezing so I wanted to just “Go”!  The thought of intentionally going slower when it is cold out is not a comforting thought!

So the first mile or so I ran pretty fast.  It was cold with the wind whipping my face.  It was nice and sunny with no clouds, however, and a real beautiful morning at the metro parks in Munroe Falls.  I actually was properly dressed (for once) with leggings, two-long sleeved shirts, my jacket, balaclava, hat and gloves.  Per my usual I was ready to shed my gloves at mile 1.  I then remembered my goal to be slow….ah.  So I chose to walk the hills.  I felt like I might have a slight chance, although I knew I had probably not done enough walking, so as I glanced back at the clock (they clock does not face the runners) as I crossed the finish line I was immediately mad!  It read 33 something.  Ah!!!  I was way off my predicted time!  I mean, this is a good thing in terms of running, but not good in terms of winning!  I was super speedy with a final time of 32:59 and I wondered what my time had been if I wouldn’t have walked!!

We waited around for like an hour for the results and I chatted with some other runners.  The waiting after this race is the worst because it is in an outside shelter so now we are not only cold, but cold and wet from being sweaty!!  They also have the prize pile at the end and it a free-for-all to grab some apparel.  I grabbed a cool jacket for Mike so that was a bonus.  We also got these cool arm warmers for our bling this year.  They are cool and they remind me of either Dr. Suess or “Where’s Waldo”.  I’ve never used arm warmers so I’m anxious to see if they make any difference. I think it is an odd area to want to keep warm, but hey, I’ll try anything for free!


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