Frosty 5 Miler 2016

Frosty 5 Miler 2016
Dec 24 at 8:30am
Downtown Hudson
Sponsored by Western Reserve Racing
Time: 52:40; Pace: 10:32

So this was a last minute sign up for me this year! I had never run this race before, but I got a Facebook reminder about it and thought, “Why not?” Yes, it is Christmas Eve, but it is in the morning and right in Hudson! I had never actually heard of this race before which is weird because I’m sure it has been going on for years based on the number of people that participated. There was a 1 mile run at 8am and then the 5 miler started at 8:30am right after the judging of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest!!

I had made a special trip to the thrift store to find a good sweater and here it is in all its glory!

Of course I was actually running late coming back from my Weight Watchers meeting so I missed the contest – they announcing the winners as I run over to the starting line just in time to pin my bib on!! It was fun to run along the streets that I’ve run on so many times by myself through the years. We ran up Aurora, down Stow past the high school and then down Valerie lane back to Hayden, Aurora and finish by the green. I’ve run that route many times, but it was fun to do it with 600 of my closest friends and without much traffic interference!!

I was actually pretty happy with my time of 52:40 and 10:32/mile. I did walk a teensy bit up two hills and still busted out that time and I felt like I pushed myself and passed people at the end. Yes! I can tell I haven’t run outside for about a week or so. The treadmill is definitely different (easier) and I have to remember to make myself turn up the incline AND get outside for a few runs to keep up my endurance for outside. I was again challenged today with my stupid glasses fogging up! Ugh, I hate it. But, it is not a dealbreaker, just an inconvenience that I have to plan for. I’m just thankful for my sight and that I can run!

Here is me after the finish!


I took a picture of my two Challenger related shirts I wore today for my Facebook running group. This one is totally cool.



Here is the shirt we got. The 1-miler’s got ornaments which would have been fun, but hey, another green shirt is cool too!!

I found this pic online about a week after the race. Notice the foggy glasses?!! Ha!

What a great way to start the holiday weekend! Merry Christmas to all!!

Jingle Bell Run 2016

Jingle Bell Run 2016
Sun, Dec 11

Well, another run in the books! It was a snowy morning and about 35 degrees or so. The Ram Fam was small, but mighty this year. I didn’t put a lot (or any) energy into recruiting team members or fundraising this year. That is okay we still did it!

Selfies with the chipper 2/3 of the team


Here we are in all our glory!


Zach actually decided to run with me at my pace which was a pleasant surprise to me. He kept up running at my pace for about the first mile (almost) and then needed to walk a bit. We decided to run/walk it from there. It didn’t matter to me about time. It was just fun to do it with him. It is always a fun and festive race and certainly goes to a great cause!