Eye Surgery – Episode 7 – New Specs!

September 30, 2016

Big day today!! I finally got new glasses with a semi-correct prescription! Well, let’s just say it is as correct as it is going to be I think. Let me back up and give provide a bit of detail in terms of progress for my eyes over the last few months. I have continued visits with my surgeon since July and have recorded the progress just so I could include it in my blog eventually (yes, major dork, but like you are just now realizing that?). One note about this. This is how my vision was WITH my current glasses on – not without corrective lenses. Oh, and just to review, there is fluid in the eye still that needs to dissipate in order for me to see more clearly.

Here is the running progress:
July 8 appointment
20/150 with glasses
20/70 with the pin hole thing – it is actually called an occluder (not sure why it is always better with that…I think it has to do with focusing light). You can see the pin holes on the side of it in the pic below.


July 25 appointment
20/100 with glasses
20/50 with occluder

At the July 25 appointment Dr. R. encouraged me to go get a new script for glasses. I was really happy about this and made an appointment with the local optometrist in the next week or so. Well, things did not go well. For some reason I had it in my head that I would be able to see 20/20 with a new script even with the fluid still in my eye. The combination of my hopes up and the lack of bedside manner and empathy that the doc has (just the local woman, not my surgeon!!), I had sort of a melt down after my visit. She gave me a new prescription, but I was surprised during the exam that I was just settling for “reading a line” when it was still blurry and weird looking. She explained to me in a very clinical, sterile and cold way, that this is how it is going to be because of the fluid. By the time I went in the other room to pick out frames I was really upset and was in no frame of mind (get it?!) to do it that evening. I got into the car and immediately burst into tears with Mike and Zach not knowing what happened! So…I put glasses on hold for awhile.

Sept 13 appointment

20/50 with glasses
20/40 with occluder

At this most recent appointment I told the doc about my unrealistic expectation at the optometrist and she was so reassuring. She gave me the same information as the other doc, but her approach was so much more positive and patient-centered. It is all about the approach and how you talk to people, ya know? She explained that while the fluid dissipating can make my vision crisper it will probably not help me get less near-sighted. The buckle procedure changes the shape of the eye permanently so the vision changes. But she did say that some people that have the procedure I did still can’t see very well after surgery and that I’m doing awesome! That is a very technical term. Bottom line is I might never be able to see 20/20 again with corrective lenses. There, I said it and now looking at it in black and white, it kinda makes me sad. But, that is life and we all have our things, right?

Actually more of a concern that I have right now is driving at night. Couple night driving with driving in the rain (just happened last night) and I really lack confidence behind the wheel on the highway. I’m a little worried going into this season of inclement weather and getting darker earlier. I’ll just do the best I can. Maybe the new glasses will help! The left eye is a point higher of a script than my contact lenses were. Hopefully my vision will still get crisper in time. At the last visit all looked “awesome” and there was still some fluid in there albeit it had shrunk a bit since last visit. Maybe my Christmas present will be a fluid-free eye?!

We got my glasses at Costco! Yes, we are obsessed, but we got a great deal and I think they are super cute with a bit of bling!


Here is a side pic. I think the frames minimize my script pretty well. At least I don’t feel like I’m wearing Coke bottles!