Frostbite Prediction 5K 2016

Sat, Feb 6

What a difference from a year ago! Last year at this race it was really cold and the roads were icy, but this year it was a bright sunny day and just about 32 degrees! I was super glad that frostbite was not a potential thing this year!

I had originally predicted 36:30 when I registered not being sure about what the weather would be. Then, on packet pick up the night before the race I changed my time to 34 minutes even since there was no ice and snow in sight! Much to my surprise I ran pretty fast and felt really strong!! I ran up the hill, both times, without walking which felt like a big victory for me. Many times on hills I let myself off the hook and walk a bit. It was nice not to have a watch at all – totally a run by feel race. I ended up running a 32:33 so I was off my predicted time by 1:27. My prediction had me come in 96 out of 155 runners. Not bad!


The cool part of this race is they have literally a huge pile of prizes that are up for grabs at the end. Everyone gets a prize which is nice.

Part of the prize pile

Last year we waited for quite a long time (everyone is outside) to get the results as the ink printer cartridge had frozen! I wasn’t prepared with warm/dry clothes then so this year I made sure I had a change of clothes!!

Done with medal

We got medals, fleece gloves and an ear warmer

Bling and Swag

Here is the shirt I scored from the prize pile. Yay!

Bonus bling

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