15 Races for 2015: Jingle Bell Run – Race #7

Sun, Dec 13

The Jingle Bell Run is always a fun one for me because my whole family gets involved and because it is for such a great organization (arthritis foundation). This year we even added the puppy dog to our team!! It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 60’s!! That was a bit different from last year’s 39 degree temps!! The Ram Fam had a team of 10 members strong this year.

Here is the original Ram Fam with Henry!


Henry met a very cute Great Dane who was a therapy dog. Funny how small he looks compared to her! This sweet girl is a therapy dog and they love her in the hospital because she is so big she can just rest her head right on the bed!

We saw so many dogs at this race. As you can see, dogs of all sizes are able to participate!


This might have to be a new tradition for Henry!

This is a pic of Marilyn coming back. Go girl!!

Mary and MaryAnn coming in!

Marilyn come in first in her age group!! Funny because 2 years ago, she came in 3rd and last year she came in 2nd! It was time for her to come in 1st this year. So, last year does she need to be the first woman across the finish line??!!

Another cool medal!

Henry was tuckered on the way home!

Both had the same look…

The 2015 Ram Fam!!

Plus Mary!!

This race was a little bit different from all my others this year. I walked most of it due to an injury (plantar fasciitis). I tried to be positive and think about how I was walking for those who couldn’t, but to be totally honest, I was pretty bummed about it. I just don’t like walking, especially when I have to walk. Hiking through the woods is different, but having to walk when others are running pretty much bites. I do have positive news to report, however! I am picking up my orthodics on Dec 30 which is just in time for the New Year’s Eve Race the next day. I’m hoping to run it or maybe run/walk it. I’m trying to be patient and remember that this too shall pass, but a runner girl needs to run, yo!

(Walking) Time: 47.33; 15:20/mile