Fresh Fork – Week 21

Friday, Oct 23

Well, I just picked up my last bag for our first summer share yesterday! We have one more week to go, but Mike will pick it up since I’ll be out of town. I’m sad that is has come to an end because every Friday it was like Christmas! Even though I knew what was going to be in the bag (mostly), it was still a bit of a surprise – many times because I was getting an item that I had never eaten or cooked with before. Also, with the summer share coming to an end it also means that we are into fall and you know what comes next!!! I have to admit, however, that it has gotten increasingly difficult to make plans to use all the items with a busy fall schedule so there is a part of me that is relieved. It is definitely easier to do this during the summer months when my work schedule is a little more relaxed. I think we will definitely participate again next. Fresh Fork offers a Winter Share, but we are not going to participate in that one this year. It is cool that they offer it, but not quite sure it would be worth it for us.

Here is our bag for this week:

And the detailed list:
Broccoli – 1 head
Acorn Squash – 1
Apple Cider – 1 half gall.
Collard Greens – 1 bunch
Celeriac – 1 bulb with tops
Apples – quarter peck
Green Onion Brats – 1 pack

I’m not sure what celeriac is, but I’m thinking something like celery (brilliant deduction, I know). Not too big of a bag this time. We will eat the brats tonight for dinner with leftover green beans and perhaps the acorn squash. The huge green mass in the center is a beautiful head of broccoli that still had the leaves on it.

Here is the bonus order I got yesterday with the credits I had from a week of “vacation” we took a couple weeks ago.


Here is what was in the special order:
1 bag of rolled oats
2 bags of corn chips
2 pack of wheat pizza dough
1 bag of whole bean coffee
1 loaf of wheat bread

I’m already thinking about what to cook/blog about after Fresh Fork summer share is done. One of my ideas is to make a different soup every weekend and blog about that. How does that sound?! I think it sounds realistic in terms of time, yummy, and a good way to try new recipes and make sure to have leftovers! Look for the start of that in a couple weeks. Happy Eating!