Fresh Fork – Week 18

Friday, Oct 2

October already – wow! That is very hard to believe!! Here is the haul that we had for this week:


And here is the detailed list:

Acorn Squash – x 1
Kale – 1 bunch
Green Beans – 1#
Eggplant – 1 to 2 depending on size
Pinto Beans – 1#
Apples – 1 quarter peck
Lettuce – 1 head, romaine or green leaf
Breakfast Patties

This week I plan to make a soup with the kale, and use most other items as sides (acorn squash, green beans). I pulled a recipe for apple cobbler and we will have breakfast for dinner one night this week also with the sausage patties.

I was kind of a slacker with the bag from last week. There were some items that just did not get used (ugh). I find that it is getting increasingly hard to get cooking done once school started again. If I have a busy weekend, then I just can’t get it all done. The planning gets done, but the cooking…not so much.

This coming Friday I took as a “vacation” from Fresh Fork which means that we won’t have a pick-up. I’m out of town for the entire weekend so it just does not make sense to get a bag then. The co-op only goes through the end of this month so I need to make the most of the rest of the weeks! The next question will be, should I sign up for the winter co-op??!! Happy Eating!

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