Fresh Fork Week #8

Mon, July 27

I’m finally getting around to blogging about this week’s share. I’m delayed for a very good reason! We had my family in town and so we were busy yapping, eating and having fun! So, back at it to catch you up.

Here is what we got for this week:


And here is the list for those who can’t make out all of these ingredients:
Whole Chicken
Zucchini x 2 (they replaced these with pattypan squash)
Sweet Corn (4 ears)
Red Onion
Candy Onion
Green Beans, 1#
Peaches, quarter peck

I was totally stoked to get the peaches!! And they are good!! We decided to take another shot at doing the beer can chicken. Ummmm, yeah. That was a fail tonight. It kept splattering up and getting a black/burned butt. My hubby is very skillful at the grill so this is quite a puzzle. Let’s put it this way, he does not want to see a chicken in a long time!

The only two things I’ve never used before are pattypan squash and the candy onion. I’m hoping to make soup with the squash (and the leek) and maybe grill the onions along with some other veggies on the grill. The corn had mixed reviews, but the green beans were fantastic!

I had a bonus order this week:

I ordered the above from part of the vacation credits we earned when we were away. I got the following:
1 bag of corn cracker minis
1 bag of peanut butter/choc chip granola
1 6 pack of chill pops (awesome natural real-fruit Popsicles)
1 jar of grape cider (AMAZING!!)

Now I just need to do an inventory of what is left and make plans to use it!

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  1. Now I understand about the chicken–and totally understand why Mike doesn’t want chicken for a while–LOL. Still think it’s exciting to “see what’s in the bag” each week! Hugs!

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