Fresh Fork Week #7

Sat, July 18

Wow! How are we at week 7 already! Time flies when you are on vacation, I guess! For those keeping track, no I did not miss my blog posting for weeks 5 and 6. We were out of town for those weeks so I invoked the vacation credit option for the Fresh Fork program. It is cool because you are allowed to get up to 4 weeks vacation credit during the summer share which means you can take use up to 4 weeks of pick-ups and get credit for them to use for another time or for other products. So we got $50.00 in credits since we missed 2 weeks so I will do some special orders for that credit. I found out (too late) that you need to place your special orders by Tuesday during the week to make sure the order gets on the truck for the following Friday. More on that later…

Here is the share for this week – good stuff!!


Guernsey Yogurt – 1 qt
Tuscan kale – 1 bunch
Red Potatoes – 2#
Green Beans – 1#
Broccoli – 1 head
Cucumbers – 2 ct
Blueberries – 1 pint
Beer Brats – 4 links, appx 1.25#
Dill – 1 bunch

All pretty common stuff this week, but yummy! I’ve never had that type of yogurt so I’m anxious to try it. We will be having dill salmon with the fresh dill – smells so good! One change they made to this list is they substituted a big ‘ole cantaloupe for the broccoli which suits me just fine! This bag will not be a problem to gobble up!!

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  1. All sounds good. I think the Guernsey Yogurt is call that because maybe it came from a Guernsey Cow–maybe???? Anyway have fun eating!! Love!

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