Fresh Fork Week #1

So excited! Last night I picked up our first bag from the food co-op we joined and I’m super stoked to start using it! I first heard about Fresh Fork from a friend years ago who enjoyed eating locally and raved about the program. It was always something I wanted to try, but never seemed to get it together enough to join. Then this spring I saw a post about the organization on Facebook from another friend and finally checked out the website. I was excited to read that the products come from 100 different farmers in Northestern Ohio. The priced seemed reasonable, the program flexible and there was a pick-up right in Hudson on Friday afternoons which worked perfectly for my menu planning cycle. So we joined and I waited for the first pick up!!

Here is our bag. We ordered the small omnivore bag. You just bring back your canvas bag every week and it gets filled with yummy locally grown food!


Here is the contents of our first bag:
In case you cannot see exactly what we got from the picture, our bag contained:
Pork Loin – appx 1#
Ramp Linguine – 1# (fresh)
Eggs: 1 dz
Spelt Flour- 2#
Red Russian Kale – 1 bunch
Radishes – 1 bunch
Spinach – 1 bunch
Leaf Lettuce – 1 bag

I’m excited to not only be supporting local farmers with this program, but also this will encourage my family to try new things! I don’t think I have ever bought a bunch of radishes in my life! Also, on their website and the almanac that they provided to customers the program provides recipe suggestions based on the items in the basket, which is way cool. The timing happens to work out perfectly for me too. Since our pick-up is Friday afternoons, I can use the ingredients in the bag to create my menu for the week and do my additional food shopping on Saturday! These things make me happy! I plan to post about our bag each week and also include any special or different things that I prepare with the items. Happy Eating!

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  1. Have heard of these types of co-ops and always thought they were a great idea–glad you are trying it! Love radishes (I prefer them as a snack with just a bit of salt)

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