Reading Challenge – May 2015

Another slow month on the reading front. Here is what I read:

#14 – Category: A book with a number in the title
Title: 127 Hours, by Aron Ralston
Completed: May 10, 2015

This was such an inspirational book! After finishing it I really wanted to watch the movie. Side bar: watched the movie – SO BAD!!! Don’t bother – read the book instead! This was a hard book to get through at times because it as so graphic – the real story of Aron’s accident getting his arm stuck in a canyon, being hydrated for 6 days and eventually having to cut off his arm. Then he had to hike 7 miles with his injury and finally be rescued by passing hikers. Amazing!


#15 – Category: A book published this year
Title: I Was Here, by Gayle Foreman
Completed: May 26, 2015

This was another young author read. Good, but sad. It is about 2 best friends, aged 18. One survives her best friend’s suicide. She struggles with grief, pain and loss and explores the questions surrounding her friend’s death. It is unsettling because it references “suicide support” groups – groups that encourage suicide! I’m hoping that this is a fictional element because it is very disturbing and scary it is based on truth. Good, emotional read.


I have 11 more titles to read in 2015 to reach my goal of 26 for the year. I just updated my list of titles and need to make a trip to the library or Half-Price books soon!

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