Reading Challenge – March 2015

Well, I had hoped to have four books done this month, but my current book has proven to be more dense than others that I have read. This is a good thing! It is very interesting and different, but just taking longer than the others. More on that one next month! Only about 100 pages left and will be done with it this weekend, but it is already April so it has to wait!

#8 – Category: Book by an author I’ve never read before
Title: Room, by Emma Donoghue
Completed: March 3, 2015
This was probably my favorite book so far! I can’t reveal too much about it or it will spoil the plot. Suffice it to say it is a tear jerker told from the perspetive of a 5-year-old boy growing up in a very sheltered life with his mom. I was obsessed with this book and read it in like 3 days. Let’s also say I am glad it was fiction! This is another author that I would love to read more of in the future. Extremely well written and highly recommended.


#9 – Category: A book set in the future
Title: Lock In, by John Scalzi
Completed: March 11, 2015
This was a very good book and a major page-turner at the end. Science fiction-esque books are not my favorite genre by far, but it was interesting and suspenseful. There were some technical parts that were a little hard to follow, but not too bad. There was a reference to AOL as something that happened “at the turn of century” that was funny and a little bit creepy. The audience knew the book took place in the future, but really had no idea just when except for that reference. I’m glad I picked this book to fit the category as I’m not sure I would have read it without this challenge.

Lock in

#10 – Category: A book with a love triangle
Title: Maybe Someday, by Colleen Hoover
Completed: March 18, 2015
Okay, so this one felt a little “teenager-esque” at the beginning. It is not really young author fiction either. It features characters in their twenties so I’m not sure if that is what bugged me or the reason I couldn’t really relate. I can’t really relate to love/relationships like that anymore! that being said, the multiple love triangles held my attention and I wanted to finish the book. This probably explains why I’m not a big love story reader unless it is more complex and has other story-lines in the book too. Now, love story movies, on the other hand – love them!


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