The Great Big Ramsey Spring Break Adventure 2015 – Part 2

March 2015

So…good news! We made our flight to Denver on Tuesday and Zach and I both agreed that this airport would have been really fun to be stuck in for 5 1/2 hours! There was an upper level that was just a bunch of empty space for people to walk or run around and the airport was virtually empty – especially when compared to Chicago! Plus they had a TCBY – remember that place?

This was a cool plane hanging from the ceiling…

Thankfully we got into SLC without a hitch this time and were happily reunited with our luggage!


By the time we got our rental car and arrived at the hotel it was 5pm. Les Mis started at 7:30pm and we were to be at will call at 7pm to get our tickets. Did I also mention that the theater was an hour away?? So in record breaking speed we took showers and jumped in the car. We grabbed something to eat quick in a drive-through (I’m embarrassed to admit that it was McDonalds!), and arrived at the theater. The building was very small and unassuming. If you didn’t know it was a theater you would have no idea from the outside, save from the large Les Mis sign, of course.


The theater was small and set in the round with about 250 seats. I had never seen a show in that format so I was excited to see it. I was also so hoping that Mike and Zach would like it!

You can see here the entrance to the backstage area.

There was seating around 3 sides of the stage.

Our seats were not together, but that didn’t matter for a theater this small. Before the show started they requested that everyone stay in their seats for the duration of each act because actors and large pieces of scenery would be coming down the aisles. I had wondered how they would do that! They did it seamlessly, however, and stayed in character the entire time. Well, the show was amazing. We felt like we were a part of the show with the actors being like 25 feet away. They were so talented and had gorgeous voices. Plus I just love the music in Les Mis. At intermission I was anxious to hear how Z and M liked it so far and they said they liked it! The second act was equally awesome and as we exited past the actors I could barely look at them (I have a problem with being star struck), but managed to say “good job”. Mike was having full conversations with some of them! I was cracking up! We talked about the show almost the entire way back to the hotel. I was pleased as punch that the boys enjoyed it so much!! For me, the trip was well worth it already! Mike read that the season tickets for this theater were $30/piece…for like 6 shows! What a bargain! Note to self: find a theater in the round in Cleveland.


After we dropped Mike off at the office, Zach and I headed out to go hiking. I had done some research about popular trails, but, of course, the pictures on the websites were all taken during the summer! Zach randomly picked one called “Donut Falls” and so I set the GPS for that one. According to the website that trail was considered “moderate”. As we drove to our destination I quickly figured out that we were going to be driving up the mountain…like straight up! We made out last turn and we still had 9 miles to go to get to the trailhead! I was very glad to be driving because I think I would have been nauseous if I was a passenger. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain – what I could notice beyond watching the road and my white knuckles gripping the steering wheel! We finally got there and took in the view!






I cut our mountain hike a little bit short because I just felt like we were unprepared for a snowy hike (read: Zach was unprepared with shorts and basketball shoes on with no tread). Plus it seemed pretty steep and icy in places and I just felt irresponsible going forward like that and not knowing the area. So we set out to find a trail that was a little bit further down the mountain.

We stopped at a place with a really beautiful waterfall and explored a bit…


There were some people who had just finished rappelling the mountain…

An old mine…

This trail also looked a little too treacherous for amateur hikers like us so I looked up an “easy” trail and we went there (much to Zach’s chagrin).

Ensign Peak – actually was set up against a residential neighborhood behind the capital building in Salt Lake City.

Our destination!

Cool monument


The view from the top

The monument from the top…proof we got there!

The Salt Lake in the distance


Zachary far ahead of me

Beautiful area – the hike was designated as “easy”, but it was a great workout. Somehow I think “easy” in Ohio is different than “easy” in the SLC area!


After our hike we had lunch near the City Center at the Lion House (home built by Brigham Young) and then shopped a bit at the City Center. We finished our afternoon at the pool at the hotel before picking Mike up from the office. That night we just had pizza and went to bed early. Just a half day more and then time to fly home!

Zach and I had a short time on Thursday as we had to catch our cab to the airport at 1:45pm. So, we took public transportation to the city for lunch so Mike could take the car. They do food trucks on Thursdays so I thought that would be fun to do.


Zach was really tempted with this one, but ultimately decided on grilled cheese instead…it had to be cheese!


Apparently this was the truck to go to! The line started forming before 11am! We didn’t have tons of time or else I would have waited to try it. It was some sort of asian noodle bowls.

Plain Jane grilled cheese

I got mine with bacon – why not, I’m on vacation!

After lunch we hopped back on the train and went to Temple Square for the free tabernacle organ recital. I went to it last time I was in SLC and it is phenomenal. It is just 30 minutes, but gives you a flavor of the range of the instrument. Amazing! It was built in the 1860’s and has 11,623 pipes. It shook the seats!


Then we just walked around the square a bit and took some pictures from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith building:


The temple – this particular building is reserved for Mormon’s only, but there is a model of it with a cutaway in the visitor center to get an idea of what it is like inside.


Beautiful floral arrangement in the lobby of the building

Family sculpture in the city center

We got our cab to the airport and arrived home very late, but safely. We had a near miss in Baltimore when we literally had 10 minutes to get to our gate and on our plane to Cleveland. Oh, and Zach’s phone was dead so he didn’t have access to his boarding pass! Ugh. Luckily we made it – just a few gates away and the staff printed off another boarding pass for Zach and all was well. We just had to have a little stress to round out our trip home! Even though it was disappointing to have about 1 day and a half cut short from our trip, all in all we had a great time just being together. So there ends another Ramsey style adventure!!!

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  1. Adventure it was…and look how much you squeezed into such a short time…sounds fun and loved the pics! Love you all!

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