The Great Big Ramsey Spring Break Adventure 2015: Part 1

March 2015
Well, our story all started towards the end of February with Mike announcing that his trip to Salt Lake City had been finalized for the week of Zach’s spring break in March. After my initial panic a plan began to form in my mind. Rather than figure out what to do to keep Zach occupied while I went to work for that week, why don’t we all go?! Mike had a free ticket to use so soon it became a done deal. We would all travel together on Monday and Zach and I would return late Thursday night and Mike would return on Saturday.

We had an early flight on Monday morning so we were up at 3am. After an uneventful flight to Chicago we had to circle the airport a bit because they were clearing the runway of snow (that should have been our first clue to the adventures that awaited us!). We landed to find out that our flight to SLC was delayed for an hour (9:30am). I was actually okay with that because I wanted to use the yoga room that I found at the airport. Pretty cool! They had yoga mats and wipes for travelers to get their namaste on before or after flights. I spent about 30 minutes in there.



Almost right after I got back to the terminal the announcement was made that our flight was now delayed until 11:40am. They explained that our plane was diverted to Dayton (of all places) because it could not land because of extremely low visibility due to snow and they hoped it could get to us by that time. At this point Mike was getting a little frustrated. He and Chicago have a history. A few years ago he was stuck in the city for 2 days due to airline cancellations. We took turns walking up and down the people mover throughout the people mover just for something to do. The airport started getting really crowded at this point as many flights were delayed. The adventure was started to get old, but the worst was yet to come…




Close to when we have should started boarding, the next announcement came saying the plane was delayed until 2pm. At this point Mike was ready to go home. I tried to stay positive and suggested we go have lunch. I have never seen an airport so crowded – people all lined up and down the people movers and every seat taken. Not only were we bored and frustrated, but we were just plain old tired! Mike and I had made the poor decision of staying up to watch our show the night before thinking “we can sleep on the plane”. Ha! The next two announcements came close together. First, they said the plane would depart at 2:40pm and then about 20 minutes later made the final announcement that the flight was CANCELLED. Crud. They told people to come up the desk or call the 800 number to reschedule the flight. Since the line at the desk was extremely long already, Mike got on the phone with Southwest and I started calling hotels. The hotel was the easy part. There were no other flights going to SLC on Monday so we had to stay the night. The first flight out to SLC on Tuesday was at 6:40am, but as we were on the phone with them it got booked up! Mike was telling me there were no flights available at all except one that would get into SLC at 11:30pm the next day. He asked if I wanted to just go home. Heck no! I was really upset. I was bound and determined to get there! We had tickets to see Les Mis at 7:30pm so that was my benchmark. If we could just make that time I would still want to make the trip. Miraculously, a flight became available that was going to Denver at 10:40am and would land in SLC 4:15pm on Tuesday. SOLD! We booked that flight and headed up to ticketing to get new boarding passes. It was only then that I realized/learned that our checked luggage was not available to us. The ticketing agent said it was “in the bowels” of the airport and would be sent on the next flight to our destination. She saw my mouth drop open and said, “do you need something from your luggage”? The difference between want and need became clearer as she explained that we could get the luggage, but it would take between 1 and 3 hours for them to retrieve it for us (in the bowels). Um, no thanks. Oh, and remember how your mother always tells you to pack an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on? Yeah, about that. No such luck. Not only had we been wearing these clothes since 3am, but we would be wearing them until probably 3pm the next day AND did I mention I did a short yoga session in the airport? Yeah.

The good news was that we checked into a nice hotel and they were so nice to provide us with all sorts of toiletries. After a nice dinner I did my best to wash out some of my clothing in the sink and hoped it would be dry by morning. My jammies that night were a bath towel and a fleece sweatshirt. The boys didn’t seem phased by having to wear dirty clothes the next day. Well, for Zach such is life, right?! We turned the TV off at 8pm, thankful for full bellies and comfy beds and fell asleep hoping our luck would change the next day…

To be continued…

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  1. Even though I knew most of it–so enjoyed hearing it…what an “adventure”

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