Laps for Laura – Week 11

April 27

This week was the opposite of last week. It started out strong and got progressively yuckier as the week went on. Most of the runs were on the treadmill which in general is not usually good, but I had one great one! Here is the summary:
Mon – Rest day
Tues – 6am yoga and then awesome 4 miles on the tread at lunch! Could and should have run longer, but that dumb work thing got in the way, darn it!
Wed – 40 minutes on the tread at lunch
Thurs -Yoga at lunch
Fri – 35 min on the tread at lunch
Sat – Spent the entire day (literally 7:30am – 7:30pm) at Zach’s lacrosse tournament. We walked all over the place and then I walked about a mile during one of the breaks. No running, but we were wiped out from being outside in all day and really windburned!! Whoooopped!
Sun – Supposed to run 7. I was completely unmotivated, however. It all started with skipping church. We were tired (and Zach was sore) from the tournament yesterday so we skipped church. We did some much needed summer clothes shopping for Z, lunch and groceries and then I needed to get my run done. I had suggested that we go to towpath and the boys ride bikes while I run. I just needed a little extra push today. However, the “we’ll see” answer that I got earlier in the day turned into a big fat no later from the boys. Feeling less and less motivated, I decided to sit down and watch a little television before heading out (mistake). I got sucked into an episode of “My 600-pound Life”. Now, that will motivate me, right?! Just how many episodes of the show “My 600-pound Life” would it take to motivate you to get off the frickin’ couch?!! Well for me today it took two. Yes, I sat through two full episodes of this show before getting my butt out the door!! Have you seen it? They suck you in and then you have to see what happens to these poor people. So after there was a positive resolution to Chuck’s gastric by-pass surgery I finally snapped out of it and laced up the kicks. I was still unmotivated to run 7 so I made up a plan during the first mile. I’ll run half this afternoon and then the rest in the morning before work…yeah, that will work! Do you ever do this? Please tell me I’m not the only one who makes bargains and deals with herself at times in terms of training goals, etc. So, that is what I did. I ran 3 – came back home and coaxed the family into a mile walk before dinner. So tomorrow morning I’m on the hook for 4 miles. Maybe I should have just gone to church!

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  1. love it–and yes, even though I don’t do the amount of miles you do…I do make deals with myself (half now and half later). Most of the time I keep my promises, but for instance today–I only did 3/4 of my regular…and we too, skipped church this morning. We dug out a shrub and did outside work on Friday and both had backaches. I think we’re too old (or not in shape enough) for some of the stuff we attempt. Loved this blog! Love you too!

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