Laps for Laura – Week 10

April 20, 2014

Good solid week with two runs on the treadmill (snow and cold again!) and two runs outside. The runs got increasingly better as the week went on. Here is this week’s summary with a little narrative to go along with each:

Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – 6am yoga; Lunch run on the tread (4 miles) – very hot and ugly run in the Corbo room at work.
Wednesday – 3 miles on the tread at lunch – supposed to do 50 minutes, but my legs were so tired and made of lead!
Thursday – Rest day
Friday – Morning run – 5 miles outside. I witnessed a truck get stuck underneath the railroad overpass near my house which made me sad for the driver, but on the bright side it also made me alter my route home and so I had a longer and different run which I was longing for anyways.
Saturday – Rest day
Sunday – 10 mile long run after church on Easter Sunday. My original plan was to get up early on Saturday, but I bagged that due to fun coloring Easter eggs, etc. So then plan B was to get up on Sun morning early to get it in, but that got bagged because it would have been too rushed. We had to get Zach to church early to cook for the Easter breakfast (he was the “sausage chef”). So, plan C was to get out there immediately after church. Success!! It was like 63 degrees with a nice breeze and I tried out a pair of new shorts! Once I got more than three miles in I felt in the zone. It is funny how that always happens, but it is so true – the first 2-3 miles seem to always be the hardest – at least during training runs. I’m just glad that it was fair weather and that I could run outside with no problem. I still miss yoga, but that just seems to be how things are going for me for this training cycle. I’ll make more of an intention to get back on my mat again this week!!

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