Laps for Laura – Week 9

April 13,

Wrapped up another great week today! This weekend the weather was absolutely fantastic – like we just jumped right into summer, but I couldn’t get out until this afternoon for my long run just due to schedules, etc. It was a pretty awful run even though it was just 6 miles. And what did I learn from it? Well, let’s see….

1. I need to drink hydrate better before running when it is 77 degrees! I noticed I stopped sweating – bad sign.
2. I need to go out earlier in the summer – bring back the 6am runs!! I’ve gotten in the habit of running long on Sunday afternoons, but that is just not going to cut it in the summer. I need to recommit to early runs, like pronto!
3. I have to remember that it is another transition to warmer weather and my runs aren’t going to be the same at first. I had to walk off and on, I was slower and it pretty much sucked. I kept having thoughts about being mad at myself for being slow, but then I remembered that I was not used to the heat. So many life lessons to learn!

Here was my summary for the week – all outside runs!!!
Mon – Rest day
Tues – 4 miles outside at lunch
Wed – 3 miles outside at lunch
Thurs – Yoga at lunch
Fri – 4.6 miles outside at lunch
Sat – Rest day – running around
Sun – 6 miles outside (too warm)

One thought on “Laps for Laura – Week 9”

  1. Summer lessons learned–good! It’s going to be really cool (downright cold, below freezing two mornings) this week so I don’t think summer is really here yet. Enjoyed your blog–as usual! Love you Lisa

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