Spirit of the Marathon – Take 1

So I had hoped this would be an inspirational post. You know, one of those posts that at minimum might bring a tear to your eye and at the most might make you sign up to run 26.2 miles. But alas, it truly is just going to be another example of the craziness that happens in my life. I could not write this post last night as I was still steamed. But, thankfully, with the light of a new day, (and a yoga class), I’ve come to see this situation with the humor that it really deserves.

It all started a few weeks ago when I saw a preview, before the regular 6-86 preview trailers that appeared before the actual feature presentation movie. Whew – no wonder movies are all like 2 1/2 hours long now! I usually don’t pay attention to those “Fathom event” things. In my experience they have been opera things and frankly, not my bag. But, not this time. This time the preview talked about training for a marathon and showed a large crowd running through the streets of what looked like Europe with motivational music playing underneath. I was captivated immediately and began to shush my family aggressively. I was already putting the date of this “one time event” in my phone when I had to wipe a tear. A documentary about runners training for a marathon? I’m in…even if there is opera involved!

I researched more about this movie when I got home and discovered it was playing in Hudson on Wed, June 12 at 7pm. Sweet! Then I wondered if this could be a warrior outing and I could invite the girls to all go. I discovered it was also playing at a theater near work so we could all go to dinner and then the movie together. Brilliant! The girls were down so we soon made plans to eat some Thai food and then get our movie on. As the date got closer we learned, sadly, that we might be one warrior short so we kept hoping for rain (they know what that means)!

Cut to last night – the main event. There was a threat of a “derecho” (read: severe thunderstorm) that evening, but I was unwavering in my commitment to see this movie! No “weather event” would keep me from this flick! We met for dinner and my curry was majorly spicy hot so I was happy about that. We ate, visited, and got caught up and pretty soon it was time to shuffle off for the show. We arrived just on time and got our seats. We made it even before the previews! Or maybe there aren’t any previews since this is a “one night only” event? We chatted a bit and soon it was 7:10pm and no movie. Then a theater employee came to the front of the theater and addressed the crowd. He explained that they were having technical difficulties and that they would keep trying and if it still didn’t work in a little while they would refund our money.

“What?” I stared blankly at the guy and started getting irritated. Now usually when this happens I either get really upset or really punchy and thankfully the later happened last night. I started laughing at everything. Everything was suddenly really funny to me. So when Marilyn noticed the world’s biggest popcorn bucket ever (empty) next to one of the audience members in our row, I totally lost it. This was bigger than it looks in this picture. And did I mention it was empty at like 7:10pm? I’m not judging, just observing.

Then she says under her breath, “kind of ironic, isn’t it? A giant tub of popcorn at a movie about a marathon?!”

At this point I was laughing so hard I thought that I might miss the movie because I would be ejected for being obnoxious!! We kept waiting as we were teased by staccato audio clips that would stop and start, interspersed with a few precious video clips on the screen. At one point the lights were dimmed and the screen went down so we were relieved and ready to watch finally! But, our hopes were dashed again as still nothing happened. Now it was 7:30pm and I was starting to worry about this weather business. And then I wondered how long were we supposed to wait? I didn’t want to risk leaving only to hear that it started with not problem two minutes after we left! Well, I didn’t have to wonder for long. Right after 7:30pm, the theater dude addressed us again and this time he was defeated too. He told us that the movie could not connect correctly so they could not show it. He would give us our refunds at the front of the theater. BUMMER! So the lot of us, probably about 20 – if that, trudged out to the front to get our money back. It was then that I noticed that some of the movie goers had marathon shirts or jackets on and that was cool. Everyone looked equally disappointed. It is not like we can just go back tomorrow!! The theater could not tell us if there would be another showing of it so we were placated with our ticket refund and another complimentary Regal ticket to boot for the inconvenience, which was very nice.

So the evening was not a total loss, of course. It was fun to share a meal with friends. But, on my way home I was already concocting a plan for how I can get access to this movie and when! It would have been more fun to see it on the big screen, but now my plan is to buy the first Spirit movie and watch it at home with my girls. Hey, then maybe we can enjoy it with some wine! Or maybe just a huge-ass tub of popcorn.

Making Memories from Medical Mishaps

Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away with my alliteration in my title this time. But, like I’ve said, it is my blog and I’ll be corny if I want to!! It will all make sense – trust me!

We had the pleasure of having my in-laws, Shirley and Rich, in town with us this weekend. In a relatively short period of time (Sat through Sun), we had 3 (things always happen in 3’s right?) medical mishaps (“epic fails” as Zach would probably describe them) happen in our household. At the end of the weekend Shirley joked that they probably would never be invited back!! Thankfully everything worked out and we could laugh by the end of the visit, but it was a little bit stressful going through it!! I was going to call this a “do-over” weekend, but then realized we were lucky for what didn’t happen, so I prefer just thinking about it as making memories.

Let me ‘splain…

Episode One:
Grandma and Grandpa brought some cool, hard-core, walkie-talkies for Zachary in case he would like them. Uh, yes, he totally loved them!! So Zach and Grandma went outside for a walk to really try out the range of those babies! One went one way and one went the other way.

Well, pretty soon Zach gets a call from Grandma, “Zach – I fell!”

Zach responds, “What? Hold on, I’ll be right there!”

Zach sprints to the find Grandma and says, “Can you move everything okay?”

Grandma had a scraped knee and her hand was hurting quite a bit, but didn’t break the skin. They got home okay and we watched her hand get swollen and more painful during the day. By the afternoon, we all agreed that she should get it checked out just to be sure. Thankfully she got her hand checked out and it was just badly bruised. She got a splint to keep it still, but in true Shirley form she still helped me more than she probably should have!! We kidded her that she looked like the guy from the movie Happy Gilmore! Crisis averted – whew!! (oh, I should mention that while the three of them were at the ER I was having my own drama with “Henry the Hunter” who determined it was definitely deer season (see the most recent blog post before this one if you are confused).

Episode Two:
Of course the next situation drama involves the dog. We were moving some books and photo albums upstairs so the gate was left open. On one of my trips upstairs I noticed a ripped up plastic lunch baggie and random pills broken up all around it. It didn’t take me long to realize that the dumb dog had gotten into Gma and Gpa’s medication!!! It is not like it was on the floor – it was on the dresser! But when the beast gets his mind on something…it usually happens. I was panicked…again! We determined that he had eaten 4 gummy adult multivitamins (that was probably what attracted him I’m guessing), 1/4 of a slow niacin pill and 1/4 of a blood pressure pill. Of course this happened on a Sunday so we couldn’t get a hold of our usual vet. After consulting with an emergency vet we determined we would just watch him and see. Thankfully (again), he was fine. And fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals, I might add!

Episode Three:
Zachary was invited to go with a friend and his family on a boat outing at WestBranch Park after church. They were going to go tubing and Zach was stoked! They would be home by dinner time. Zach called us at the end of the afternoon and said they were heading home and that he “hurt his toe”. The mom met me at the door and explained that Zach was getting into the boat at the end of the day and bumped his toe and cut it open. She bandaged it up, but said it might need a stitch. Seriously?! We took him upstairs right away to assess the toe in question. We determined that it was not serious enough to get seen by the doc. Thankfully! Crisis averted for the third time!!

So, yes, our weekend was drama filled, but really so much better than it could have been! So, I’m grateful for the humor we were able to bring to our mishaps and for the memories we could make together. Oh, and Shirley and Rich, the answer to your question about being able to come visit again? Of course!! That is, as long as you BYOFAK (bring your own first aid kit)!!!! 🙂

Oh, deer, Henry!

Well Henry had an adventure yesterday! First he snuck our the back door when I was going outside. He was anxious to go play with Rex, his wheaton-terrior friend next door. They are besties and have regular playdates over in Rex’s fenced yard. So, I asked him if he wanted to go play with Rex and he ran right over there. I then sat out on the deck and made a phone call keeping an eye on the doggies. Pretty soon it was time for Henry to come back inside to get a drink of water. So I went over and let him out of the fence and told him, “back yard”. I did not have him on the leash because normally (key word here) he is really good about staying in the backyard when we are out there. Plus, I knew he was thirsty as he was panting after a fun playtime with Rex. Well, he did head over to the backyard at first, but before I knew it he took off the other way into the neighbor’s backyard and beyond. I started yelling at him as I headed out towards the front yard and then I identified the reason for his mad running. I witnessed a doe prance across the street (35 mile/hour road), immediately followed by a similar shaped (and color) animal…my dog!!

“Henry, no!!” I yelled as I started panicking!! I ran to get the leash and started across the street. I had sandals on so I could not run very well. I got to the end of one streetand realized I had better get the car to find him. My neighbor and his son (Rex’s family) passed me on their bikes shouting Henry’s name looking for him. Have I mentioned what great neighbors we have?!!

I got in the house to grab my keys and yelled for Zach to get in the car. Irritated at being interrupted from his Xbox game he asked me what was going on. I told him the dog ran off after a deer and we had to go find him. Suddenly Zach was mad at me and I was to blame for the instinctual prey/predator chase thing that is probably inside of every dog at some level. Ugh.

We didn’t have to drive very far up the street in the neighborhood across the street before we saw Graham, our neighbor, holding Henry’s collar. Relief washed over me as I realized he was fine. I secured the leash onto the beast and chatted with more neighbors who were watching out and recognized him.

Henry looked at me like, “Sorry, mom, but a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. But I almost had her.”

Yeah, Henry. Maybe you had better stick with stuffed animals.

My Locker Room Laundry List

Okay, so this blog entry is really just a public service announcement. Today I had a wardrobe malfunction during my lunchtime workout that has called me to action!! Now, I’ve had several wardrobe malfunctions in the past…forgotten a towel, was under prepared in terms of warmth for the weather and so on. But today was a new first. I forgot…my sports bra! (cue the dramatic music here). You see I had bought a sweet new running shirt and shorts at Kohl’s yesterday and was focused on getting it into my bag this morning when somehow I biffed on including a sports bra from the pile of clean ones sitting on my dresser. It happens. So, color me surprised when I get to the locker room and don’t have one! Now, my choice is either, bag the run or run in my regular undergarment. My fellow warriors looked at me and say, “oh just wear that…it is cool out today, you won’t sweat that much.” I give them the eye roll that can be translated as “have you just met me and forgotten that I sweat even when it is below zero outside?” So, I just do it. It will be fine, I think to myself. It is just 30 minutes and it is only like 58 degrees – how bad can it be?

Cut to after the run. I discover that my brassier is soaked, just as I suspected it would be. Oh this is not going to be pretty, I think to myself as I head to the showers. Ugh…if only I had brought an extra one in for my locker like we keep saying we should!!! As I’m getting ready to dress again for work I have a thought. What if I…you know, go without just for the day. I looked at the shirt I wore to work and I realize that as luck would have it, the shape and fit of it just might be conducive to lightening the load, so to speak. I also had a little cardigan to put on over it too for extra security measure. I try it just for grins and ask the girls their opinion. “Oh yeah, you can totally do that with that shirt!” they exclaim. I am filled with delight! The thought of putting on a sweaty wet bra after being all clean was grossing me out. So I did it. I worked the rest of the day sans over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. This is saying a lot for me. Truly this type of thing does not happen with my girls. They are used to being locked and loaded! And I’m happy to say there were no incidents during the afternoon. I almost forgot about the change in my ensemble…almost. All this leads me to the main point (really there is one) of this blog entry. I wanted to provide a list for anyone (okay, for myself really) who maintains an active locker life of the list of items necessary to maintain your locker (at least if you are a running yogi) in order to minimize wardrobe malfunctions and maximize the optimum workouts!

Standard locker items (always there):
Flip-flops – they double for footware for yoga and for the shower
Yoga mat – duh
Yoga jacket for those chilly days – sometimes I’m actually cold
*Heavier fleece or jacket – see above
*Mittens – even though I usually take them off after the first mile, they are sometimes needed
*Winter Hat or ear warmer – see above
Light hat – okay, I usually don’t like hats, but sometimes they are just cool, especially if they are from the Peace Marathon

*Seasonal items

Extra stuff that we should keep in locker in case we forget them:

Sports bra – ahh, yeah.
Pants (running and/or yoga) – in case the weather is cranky or another warrior is
Long-sleeved shirt – same as above
Short-sleeved running shirt – in case we forget to grab it
Short-sleeved yoga shirt – yes, I have running shirts and yoga shirts; get over it
Shorts – in case we bring pj pants instead (just sayin’)
Socks – for ourselves or a fellow warrior
Headband – to help with the sweating issue
Towel – yeah, biffed that item a few times and had to use a shirt to dry off – that sucks

Hygiene Products (so we can actually return to work with other people for the afternoon):
Shampoo/Conditioner – I started out with little sample bottles, but now I’ve moved on to the regular size ones…they last longer.
Body Soap – same as above
Scrubbie – gotta love the scrubbie…even my boys use them!
Deodorant – staple
Lotion – yep
Powder – sometimes you need to take a powder, ya know? And if you really want a pick-me-up, try Gold Bond! Yeehaw!!
Baby wipes – for the “I’m sweaty from yoga, but I don’t have time to take a shower” days
Hair dryer – duh
Comb – barely need it with my short do
Towel – standard one
**Make-up – so this is recommended, but I don’t use it. Let’s face it, I barely use it in the morning. I’m not bringing in extra just for the afternoon. So if you want to see the real polished Lisa, talk to me before noon. Otherwise, you’ll just get the real deal.

One of a kind travelers – these are things that stay in my gym bag:
Running Shoes – yep, I just have one pair going at a time. Those things are too pricey to leave one pair in my locker
Body Glide – I always have it with me in case I need it for a run on the weekend
Watch – same as above
Dryer with diffuser – I only own one at the moment so I lug it back and forth to work on running days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I need to buy one to leave in my locker. I’ll add it to the list!

Lock on locker:
Last, but not least remember to have a lock on your locker in order to keep these precious gems safe and secure. But most importantly, remember the combination!!! Just sayin’