My 40 Days – Week 5

Look alive in week 5! Week 5 went pretty well…here are the stats:

5 (yoga) – got my 5 practices in with no doubles!
4 (runs) – only ran 3 times this week, but some pretty solid, hours of mulching done too!
3 (fruits and veg) – check!
2 (writing for 20 minutes daily) – just one time, but I did write for a lot longer on this particular project – probably more like 90 minutes to an hour so I think that counts!
1 (daily reflection) – check!
0 (no nut butters) – yep, still not butter free…no problem!

So with only 5 days left of my 40 days I’m thinking about my next project. I did sign up to run the 10K at the Cleveland Marathon in a couple of weeks so that should be fun. I also signed up for the Peace Marathon (through Jenny Hadfield) which is totally awesome!!! You still have time to do it! All you need to do is walk, run or crawl 26.2 miles by the end of May. It can be a full marathon, a half or broken up into small pieces (that’s what I’m doing!). All proceeds go to help children affected by the Boston bombings. Very cool. Check it out and register here!!!! It is only $15 (if you don’t want the hat – which I did, of course!!). Such a great cause, fun and motivational to get you out and moving, right!!! A win/win for sure!! Now to find a half marathon to register for this summer or fall…

2 thoughts on “My 40 Days – Week 5”

  1. Great Lisa! Sure wish I had your energy/ambition….I feel good if I get my half hour of yoga and a mile walk in every day…plus some heavy duty cleaning lately.

  2. Lead a simply Lisa inspired 40 day program at YL. Love your program!!

    Share it with the community and you lead! We should discuss. We could kick off

    Right after Fourth of July holiday. Winner could receive addition 40 days of

    Free yoga. You could receive free yoga for running program. Call or email me if

    If you are interested!! I’m in. Would be so fun. xo Amy.

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