My 40 Days – Week 4

Okay, so totally catching up tonight!! Here are my stats for my week 4 of my 40 days:

5 (yoga) – I practiced 5 times this week! One counts as double since it was a 90 minute class!
4 (runs) – I ran 4 times…yahoo!
3 (fruits and veggies) – Yes, still had either a fruit or veggie with every meal. This has proven pretty easy once I added it to my breakfast!
2 (writing for 20 minutes) – I only did it for 3 times this week. This has proven to be a struggle area for me, especially since the weather has gotten nicer!
1 (reading reflection daily) – Yep, that is covered! I do it when I am brushing my teeth or drying my hair in the morning.
0 (no nut butters) – Yep, I’m still nut butter free! Every now and then it sounds good, but it feels good not to have a craving for it anymore!

All in all, it was a pretty good week again!

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