40 Days – Week 3

Well, I completed week 3 of my 40 days yesterday with an awesome restorative yoga class! It is so relaxing and rejuvenating…it is a like a 60 minute vacation for the body and the mind! If you have never done it, I highly recommend it! I have learned that rest days are really important in terms of letting your body get caught up with itself. Some days I have done yoga and running on the same day which feels good, but it is nice to pair that with a rest/restorative day. This was a pretty good week all around. Here are the stats:

5 (yoga) – I did practice 5 times, counting Amy’s Sat class twice again. I also took a Barre class one time which is not yoga, but not running either – it is hard to categorize it, but it is a good strength building workout!
4 (run) – I ran three times this week
3 (fruits and veggies) – check!
2 (20 minutes of writing a day) – I wrote 4 out of the 7 times this week so that was okay
1 (reflection) – I read my reflections daily
0 – still no nut butters – for 21 days!

I’m halfway to 40 days! I don’t necessarily feel any different, but I am more aware of eating better and trying to get all my activity in. I’ve been thinking about my next goal and thinking about registering for a half sometime this summer/fall. I realized today that the Akron Marathon is the same weekend of Homecoming this year so that won’t work. Crud. I could do Columbus or maybe the Towpath half. We shall see. I will do a little more looking and thinking before registering for one. Anyone want to run/train with me?!

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