Raising the Barre!

So I finally went to my first Barre class at Yoga Lounge yesterday morning. I was a bit timid to try it thinking that I am not a dancer in any way, shape or form and a bit intimidated about the bars and mirrors and everything. Also, I was resistant to thinking about that beautiful space as anything other than for yoga, as it has become such a sacred and special place for me for yoga. However, I am all about trying something new so I just went for it and went to the 6am class. Hey, it was a Friday, how bad could it be? Little did I know then that it would be the best part of my day yesterday – but that is another story!

So I walked in, and my friend Karie, kindly explained to me how to set up the space. There was lots of equipment involved – ugh…not happy about that. Not only was it 6am, but now I had to grab equipment and set up my space properly with a yoga mat, slide board, another foam mat, two sets of weights and a ball. I’m used to getting in there, flopping my mat down, grabbing a block and assuming my suptabada position to quiet my mind (or sometimes continue sleeping, let’s be honest), until the teacher arrives. No none of that at Barre! Get your stuff all set up and then stand, no child’s pose, no suptabada, no seated meditation…and get ready! I think I was standing in a bit of a pout when Amy walked in. Thankfully we started right in before I could be too cranky, and after some knee lifts went right into arms. I was quickly glad that I wimped out (I thought) and grabbed lighter weights because the arm sequence was intense with no breaks. Awesome. Next came the glideboard thing. So, this explains the reason for slipper/sock things! This is a slippery board bookended by two buffer type foam things. The goal, I discovered, is to glide one foot all the way and hit the buffer and then have the other foot follow it and tap the first foot and then do the same on other other side. At first this felt easy, but the more I did it the more I realized that this is really a great cardio workout! I kept feeling like was a human shuffleboard! This part of the class was a bit boring for me, but Amy started going around the room asking us questions and then pretty soon we were done. It was suggested that we could add arms, but I just stayed with the basis foot movements since it was my first class.

Next was the barre…we did a number of sequences of squats (well, that is why I call it!), and such and it was definitely really hard and an awesome workout! It was fun because Amy used dance terms like “first position”, “second position” and “releve” which at first I would think would make me feel intimidated, but it was actually kinda cool. Yes, one of my fantasies is that in my next life I would be a dancer…or at least be good at it, so this felt really cool! To take a class at a barre, with a mirror, next to a group of amazing women, and a teacher calling out dance terms. And, I could actually do it and keep up, for the most part! Very cool. Yes, the barre has been raised ladies and germs and I’m glad I went for it rather than just doing the limbo!

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