My 40 Days: Week 1

Wednesday, April 10

Well, I suppose I should report how I am doing so far on my 40 days! I completed my first week on Monday and all things considered I think it went really well. Here is how the numbers came out with the goals listed to remind you:

5 yoga – I got 4 in
4 running – I got 4 runs in!
3 fruits and vegetables per day – I got this in everyday.
20 minutes writing – only got one in of 7 days (need to increase this in the coming week!)
1 reading of a reflection – I got 5 out of the 7 days done
0 nut butters – no nut butters for 7 days!

I unexpectedly needed to go out of town for three days this week (family funeral) so it was a little more difficult to get everything in. My schedule and my mind were a bit disheveled so I just made the best of it. I was just glad to get all the runs in! As I said in my intro to the 40 days I was not shooting for perfect so I’m okay with that. I am enjoying reading the reflection in the morning. It helps me to set a good intention for the day. I also am enjoying NOT eating almond or peanut butter. I have discovered another great to-go breakfast…my English muffin egg-wich which is surprisingly portable as well as rediscovered my steal cut oats. I have cut down significantly on night snacking as well so all is well. So there it is – my tracking of the first week – short and sweet! Let’s see what the next week brings!

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