My 40 Days and my break up with peanut butter!

April 1, 2013
Day 1

So it is Monday and the first new day of a new month! Perfect time to start a new program, right?! Right! Seriously – this is no April fool! Also Easter Sunday was yesterday so it is a prefect time to start something new. Here is the background info…I had signed up for the 40 Day program sponsored through the Yoga Lounge based on Baron Baptiste’s book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution: A Breakthrough Program to Radically Change Your Body and Awaken the Sacred Within Your Soul without too much thought, honestly. I looked at the schedule and figured I could make most of the Tuesday night meetings. I bought the book and figured I could get the 5 times a week yoga practices in – no biggie. I really didn’t actually know what the program was all about before signing up. I could not attend the informational meeting about the program, but didn’t seem to think that was a big deal. I just committed and figured I would figure it out as I went. It is not surprising that I was not successful with the program (aside from practicing yoga regularly!). I didn’t take/make the time to read the book, meditate or even set my own goals for the 40 Days. I also ended up missing about 3 of the Tuesday night meetings and basically felt like I flubbed up the entire thing. Fail – ugh. However, all is not lost! As some of you know, I am pretty determined and I refuse to just let this go as a missed opportunity! So – after thinking about it for the past 2 weeks (yes, I actually thought about it!), I have decided to do my own 40 Day program and I have set my own goals. I don’t expect it to be a perfect journey, but I do expect to show up and do what I say I am going to do – for me!

So here are my weekly goals for the next 40 days:
(I’m adopting an easy way to remember them using the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 plan. I mean it can’t get any easier than counting right?!)

5. Practice Yoga 5 times a week
4. Run 4 times a week
3. Eat a veggie or fruit with each of my 3 meals a day.
2. Write for 20 minutes (2×10 – okay, so it is a stretch) a day.
1. Read my daily reflection once a day and meditate on it.
0. Zero peanut butter or almond butter for 40 days. Peanut butter/almond butter and I have developed quite the fond relationship these days, but it is just not working for me anymore! While my mouth and tummy say “yes”, my pants are starting to say, rather loudly I might add, “NO!”. I only buy the all natural stuff now (for the past year or so) with no added sugar, just the nuts, but still it has gotten out of control. I need to be more creative with breakfast and snacks so this will nudge me in a different direction!

So, wish me luck!

One thought on “My 40 Days and my break up with peanut butter!”

  1. Fun and interesting blog as usual….I am still alternating my yoga sessions and still walking…try to watch my diet (although pretty well planned with the diabetes) and still cannot lose any weight…and I haven’t been eating peanut butter–LOL.
    Good luck with your new endeavor! Love ya

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