Last Class!

Tues, Oct 16
Last class!!

It was hard to believe that it was time for our last class already tonight! Our practice tonight was really, really fun because of a couple of things. First, I was next to Tiffany and we laughed at a few things throughout the class. With Amy’s encouragement we also grabbed on and helped each other during Bird of Paradise pose which was so fun!

Also, I finally got the courage to go from flip dog to wheel tonight for the first time. I wanted to do it on the first side, but didn’t. Then on the other side, Amy was assisting me and it gave me just the amount of support I needed to plant my other hand on the floor and go for it. Amy was just as surprised at this as I was and said, “whoa, I did not not know that was going to happen, did you , Miss Lisa?” I just shook my head and felt on top of the world that I did it!! Here is a video of what I’m talking about.

Our teacher training class tonight started with a review of the weekend workshop with Yiannis. People shared their perspectives about what they liked and didn’t like about the weekend. It was interesting to hear a variety of viewpoints about this. Next we talked about the agenda for graduation day which is this Sunday! We will meet for a hike, if it doesn’t rain, come back to the Yoga Lounge for a special practice and then go to dinner together. I’m looking forward to it!

Lastly we talked about the topic of “getting a job”!! Amy shared that we should create a yoga resume that should include the following:

  • That we have completed a 200 hour program certified by the Yoga Alliance
  • Who we are certified through
  • That we have CPR training (apparently we need this – news to me!)
  • That we have insurance
  • How long we have practiced and where
  • Who we have studied with
  • Other hobbies

She also shared that it is a good idea to actually get officially certified (and get a number) from Yoga Alliance. ┬áIt is $80 and gives a little more credibility. We then went over the possible places that employ yoga teachers such as Health Clubs, Summa, Akron General Wellness Center, Corporate locations and yoga studios. We also talked a bit about what to charge. Amy also shared that we should not just call a studio we have never been to asking for a job. It only makes sense to practice somewhere for awhile and become a part of the community before doing that. Lastly (and what I was waiting for), she shared what we need to do if we would like to teach at the Yoga Lounge. They are going to be offering a Mentor Program for our class and will take on 2 people at a time. We need to apply and if selected will work with either Amy or Michelle as mentors (assist 2 classes a week and take 3 classes a week – and I think there was some teaching involved in there too) for a month and then we can audition to teach! I’m definitely interested in this option and have already asked for an application! Whatever will be, will be, however. I will be open to all the possibilities. But first, we have graduation day to look forward to!

2 thoughts on “Last Class!”

  1. Congrats to you Lisa–and good luck with your further Yoga endeavors…so proud of you. Did Mike tell you about a dream I had????

  2. Congrats on graduation. I am always so proud of your accomplishments. It keeps me moving forward with my health as well. Thanks for being such a great role model!

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