Sweat Puddles

Sat, July 7
90 minutes of yoga awesomeness

So I know I might say this every Saturday, but that was an awesome practice! I think I definitely set a new sweat record. I had actual puddles forming on my mat. I was prepared to take child’s pose if I needed it, but I didn’t. Towards the end I did take out the chattarungas (probably about 3 times) just because I was beat! I felt really good in all the balancing poses. We started with shevasana and then did abs at the beginning. I’m finding that I like starting with abs more and more. It is a great way to get the internal fire started, and it also gets them done before we get sweaty! Great practice and lots of water to drink today. Gonna be another hot one!

Running through pea soup and practicing on the beach!

Fri, July 6
Ran 3 miles at 7am
Time: 34:01; Average pace: 11’17”

Today was going to be another hot one so I made arrangements to run with one of my warriors! It was brutal out there! It seriously was so humid it felt like we were running through pea soup! I had to walk a little bit between mile 2 and 3. But whatever – we still got it done!! It was only about 74 degrees, but trust me, the humidity was sky-high. It ended up getting to be 93 degrees today!

Yoga at noon
Yoga was a great workout and was bearable only because we had fans. Amy told us to imagine that the fans were the beach waves. No problem here! I love it when I can run and practice on the same day! I was tired of sweating after yoga, though!! Ready for AC!!!

Hot Dog Hell!

Last night I made the mistake of asking my husband to change the channel to the July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest featured on ESPN. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this contest you can read about it here. I’m not exactly sure what made me want to tune into this, but I think it was a combination of disbelief and morbid curiosity. I kept picturing the scene from the movieStand By Me with the blueberry pies and Lard-Ass and his revenge plot. Remember that? But I was surprised when I watched the commentators introduce the “competitors” at the beginning of the show. *Pause here – commentators? There are commentators for an eating contest?! And further, it is televised?! On a sports channel?! Oh, and there are 40,000 people watching it live on site?! You have gotta be friggin’ kidding me!!! Nope, I’m here to tell you, it is all true. And it gets worse.

I was pretty surprised that while some contestants where pretty large, the majority were average sized people. The commentators introduced each contestant with their nicknames, in some cases, and then impressed the crowd with stats and food records each held (e.g. pounds of chili consumed, or numbers of jalapeno peppers consumed. Who knew there were this many eating contests out there!), which was enough to start my stomach churning. I made an audible groan as they posted the contest rules on the screen. The worst rule in a funny, pathetic, and gross sort of way, was the one that disqualified a contestant for a “reversal of fortune” (I’m thinking you can read between the lines on that one).

As they set the time clock to 10 minutes, my hand went next to my eyes, ready to block out this disturbing sight at any moment. Amazingly I could watch the first few minutes (like 2) in time to see the reigning champion consume like 12 or so dogs. It was such a disgusting thing to witness. They eat the dog first without the bun, shoving it down their gullets and then almost in the same motion they dip the bun in water and shove that right in afterwards. The really gross thing was then watching them move around and like jump up and down to get the “food” down into their stomachs. One after another they kept shoving it in while the numbers kept adding up on the television screen. The commentators kept giving play-by-plays the entire time. By about 4 minutes in I felt nauseous myself and was ready to turn the channel, but Mike said to just close my eyes! I’ll admit I was curious about how this whole thing would end. I opened my eyes when the 10 minute buzzer rang to see the reigning champion, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut tie his former record of 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes interviewed. I’m just gonna pause to let that sink in. Yeah. He said in his interview that he was “…glad for the win…” and he complimented the other “eaters” on a good contest. I mean, what do you say to him, “congrats, you really hogged that in good!” or “wow, you sure can eat like a pig!”

Beyond the sheer grossness of this event is the utter waste and gluttony displayed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is wrong with this country today. How much money was wasted on this whole event? Add in the food cost, if you call hot dogs food, that is, the advertising, employees, etc. It is really disturbing and astounding that in this time of hunger and on the flipside obesity in America, we are spending dollars on this?! It is deplorable. And on a deeper level, using food which is supposed to nurture our bodies as a vehicle for competition is just beyond words. Perhaps I’ll write a letter to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest people and tell them what I think. My fear is they would placate me with a gift card. For hot dogs. Oy!

I am a fan of the fans!

Thurs, July 5
Yoga at noon

So it is a billion degrees and humid today so there was no surprise to find the fitness room stagnant and so hot!! We were prepared to sweat, but they have put new fans in – one in the front and one in the back – which make it so much tolerable! Don’t get me wrong, I still sweat like crazy, but with the fans it is just better – especially for going back to work.

Next up: Run with the Warriors tomorrow at 7am!

Firecracker Practice

Wed, July 4

For the last two years I have run the Firecracker 4 mile run in Stow on the 4th of July. Last year was really fun because I PR’d (thanks to Nick) and got under 40 minutes which was awesome. This year I kinda forgot about the run, actually, until I saw a reminder in the paper. In the Hub I saw the reminder for the Firecracker 5K in Hudson and then remembered the Stow 4 miler. I really had no interest in doing it this year!! Then I noticed that Mo was teaching a 75 minute power yoga class on July 4 – the only class on the schedule that day. It was probably the best practice I’ve had in a long time – it was really challenging, the flow was perfect for me, and my body felt strong and confident. It was packed in the yoga room and I so love that when it is like that!!! Lots of sweat and breath and it feels like such a community. Awesome!

Shared Yoga

Tues, July 3
5:15 class at Yoga Lounge

Today I was able to share yoga with a family member for the first time. My mother-in-law was in town visiting and I had mentioned the possibility of going to a class before they arrived. She had done yoga a couple of other times in her life and was willing to try it. So, I found a basics class on the schedule – nothing too crazy! She said she was a little nervous and I was too just because I was excited to share yoga with someone I love and hoping she liked it. She did great! Linda was the teacher and she did a great job of giving clear instructions to the class. There were a number of newer people there so that helped. She kept up with the class fine and was able to do all the poses. Even though it was a beginner class I still enjoyed the stretch and most importantly, practicing with someone I love.

I loves me my chatterbox!!

Mon, July 2
6am yoga

Great practice today with Linda. We did an awesome abs series at the beginning which I’ve decided I really like because it gets them out of the way and also because it gets your internal fire going quickly. I ‘m getting used to getting up every day at 5:30am to go to 6am yoga. I just find that my day goes better if I’ve started it on my mat. Namaste.

Ran 30 minutes at lunch
Distance: 2.74; Distance: 10’56”

I ran with Marilyn today at lunch, one of my Wed. Warrior friends. I love running with Marilyn because she is the energizer bunny! She is really flexible and willing to go longer or shorter if I need to. She is also really fast, but she slows it down for me. She is also ten years older than me and can totally kick my butt which is amazing! But the best thing about running with Marilyn is that she is a chatterbox! She can talk throughout the entire run and that means I don’t have to. I just listen and say, “huh” every now and then and before you know it our run is done! It is really helpful because she distracts me from running. I don’t always need that, but trust me, when it is 90 degrees out, I need a distraction!!! Very good run!

First long run

Sun, July 1
Ran 4 miles – first long run of this training!
Time: 43:47; Average Pace: 10’52”

It was pretty hot out this morning. I saw a bunny, two dogs, a bunch of squirrels and a few runners. But it was a pretty good run – I had to walk just a bit up the hill going up Owen Brown, but the rest was pretty good. I got up and ran at 7am so I could still get to church on time. At this time in the training I’m pretty excited and raring to go! Hopefully that can continue through September!

The more hurried-er you are, the more behind-er you get!

Sat, June 30
Saturday yoga

So Amy’s class was pretty small today – I think people are probably on vacation for the 4th or something. It was nice because we got lots of assists! I had a good practice. We did tons of balancing poses which was good for me. I surprised myself by remaining calm and being able to glide into the balancing poses pretty well. I did catch myself once going into crow. I was hurrying into it and I totally fell out of it, almost on my head! Amy talked about a phrase she learned as a kid, “the more hurried-er you are, the more behind-er you get,” and boy that is so true!! Slow down – that was the message today. I think I’ll have to hear that message like every day before I fully get it!!

Next up: First long run tomorrow!