What’s Up, Dog?!

Tues, July 17
6am Yoga

Today’s practice was awesome, as always. I was a sweaty mess, but that is okay. The funniest thing, though, was the canine visitor we had. At the very beginning of practice we were all in hero’s pose with our eyes closed. All of a sudden I heard panting and Mia, Amy’s Newfoundland dog, comes walking in and makes a beeline for Amy to give her a great, big kiss! I opened my eyes to witness it and I then I could not keep from giggling! The door was closed so I think the dog totally opened it on her own. What a total crack up! She’s is a total doll, that dog, and usually she is sacked out in the outer area with not a care in the world. She just needed to express her affection right then, and there, I guess. Done and done!

Yoga at noon
Great practice with fans. It was really hot in there and it took me a long time to cool down.